Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Today we got to go to the Temple! (3/31)

Wow 150 pizzas!!! thats a ton! I love pizza though. Let me think about the last time i ate pizza??? Last night lol. ill have to send you guys some pictures!! it was way good but the after effect wasnt so great. i woke up during the night with the runs!!! im not the old jimmy that could just play video games and eat pizza and drink mountain dew all night and wake up the next day fine. here i eat like 3 peices of pizza sleep and i pay the price the next day. but im alright now! Today we got to go to the Temple! it was amazing of course and i took some pictures with my comp and of the temple!. So i dont feel like making a well flowed email so were ganna get choppy and start jumping around.. so sweet mom you got a new calling as Young Womans councelor!!! thats got to be a great calling. but you gotta make it sweet and do some tight activities!!! (including some kind of missionary work !) but wow so that sucks about matt that he had some probloms in the MTC but he´ll get better. i loved the MTC in provo. loved it more than the CTM in São Paulo, which i heard now is worse. the CTM in São Paulo got like stripped of a lot of stuff. less food and like other crap. i cant remember but chris will still love it there. So what Temple is chris ganna go to? and a garden sounds sweet. what are you guys ganna plant in it? Is it ganna be way in the back? and ya its starting to cool down here! its getting better and its ganna start raining a lot here soon! so about this rain lol......... lol...... uhh..... so i remember you guys talking about when i got 1 year on the mission i could get new shoes right. well i hit one year and i am just riding these out. these shoes i have now are still in alright shape. but the inside back is ripped so startes to rip socks and since these shoes were made to breath water gets in way way easy. but whenever you guys can :) i could use some new shoes. water proof if possible. But so thats way cool that chris has started on his Rosetta stone it will help him about a good bit in the CTM. and i cant wait to hear about the surprise that justin has for me lol.!! mothers day is getting closer!. but my week was great and im still working hard!. cant wait till next week to talk about conference!! im way stoked for conference!!. but have a great week. Love you guys,

Elder Arroyo

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