Thursday, May 28, 2009

1st week of the new transfer!

sweet vacation already. so dang destinee at girls camp way cool. and mom workin hard lol. i miss watching movies lol or just chillen. and bbq sounds good lol. the meal that you guys made reminds me of food here. lol cuz we never made food on the grill at home lol. so mom go see terminator lol its a good one i would imagine. and wow movies have gone up that sucks. how is the economy now:? lol ducks i remember our old ducks. and good call getting the other kids to feed em lol.
ya so my right back tooth hurts sometimes when i eat sweet things or cold things. and i am brushing my teeth a good bit too. i dunno. but its only sometimes. and no im not sick anymore. i just had a little cold cuz it was getting chilly and we ran to an appointment. but i~m good now. ya i like wearing this sweater. i will take some good pictures this week and send them to you guys. wheres my package mom! i miss american junkfood so bad. .
ok so my past week hmm. well i was sleeping one night last week and then all of a sudden my bed broke in the middle of the night. i fell to the ground lol. but i just moved my mattress to the floor until the next day lol. i tied a lashing to fix my bed and now its good to go. and ya you heard me right i tied a knot i learned in scouts and no i~m not an eagle lol. tell that to elder randy. but hmm we have a baptism this saterday. its a girl named lilian she is 17 and we are trying to get her parents baptized to they just started listening to the lessons.
oh so we had transfers today. we found out monday it was a big deal lol everyone on a conference call. but i found out me and my comp are staying in the area good thing cuz we have alot of things going on lol. but one of the other elders in our house left. elder bailey and we get a new elder in the house i dont know his name i just barely met him but he is a brazilian. sweet. but other than this the week has been normal. just working working working loll. well i love you guys and keep up all the work and feed the missionaries. trust me they love it and let them eat up. cuz we dont have money to eat that good lol. oh and members here every second sunday of the month will give us stuff.l like 2 loafs of homemade bread some chocolate milk, packs of cookies sweet stuff. and its way amazing. try to set somthing up like that in our ward. well i love ya guys elder arroyo

Thursday, May 21, 2009

ducks! 5/20 email to mom

aww you guys got ducks we havent done that in forever! no fair. so let me tell you about my week first it was not good lol. we didnt teach very much nobody wanted to hear our message but all is well. this week its been getting better. we had zone conference yesterday it killed me lol. too much concentrating on portuguese lol. but it was good stuff. the work is going good. i~m working on this idea of mine lol that will make planning super fast! i will be famous !. so justin is a little me lol sweet. oh mom i would love if you send me like a ton of pictures like actually pictures in the mail. you can send them in an envelope. its good to show investigators pictures from home so they relize that your not like a zombie that just teaches the gospel. they see the other side you left. oh and yes the more packages the better and no i never got kristens and she never got it back. horrible! so did i sound different on the phone or the same. the same i would imagine. and i forgot to ask prez about photobucket! i had the interview today with him. i will ask him next wednesday. we have transfers. new missionaries and i might have a new comp. oh so the past week i have been making shakes/smoothies lol. with real fruit. they are amazing!. mom you got to send my package out i need more candy lol. oh just dont do anything else on my facebook lol. and i participated on the blessing with the broken ankle kid. ok i go my haircut at a place in my area and it was 7 heias or 3 and a half american dollars. i look good. and we have measuring cups here lol. they do cook mom lol. and i dont need a oven converter lol. you throw a match in the oven and poof fire!. easy. you just turn up the gas lol for more heat!. well my week has been great. love ya mom and tell chris wheres my email! rat
elder arroyo

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hey Guess What 5/6

today for lunch we ate at a buffet. you go in get a plate and get in line for a custom made pasta. you tell em what u want in it then they put the stuff in a little bowl. then you get what kind of noodles you want then they ask you what sauce you want then they make it right there really fast. then you sit down and people walk buy with all kinds of meet and ask you if you want some. you never have to get up. you eat as much meat as you want. differnt kinds too. and in american dollars the buffet would be like 4:50 crazy huh. and we had juice. fresh lemonade! that was the highlight of my day. so the language is ok. i can kinda understand what people say it just depends on how hard i listen and how well they talk and there accent. and ya man i got the jack bower skills. dude everyday i play frogger with real cars lol. we cross the street tons and people dont stop for you. keep on that rosetta till its done. we can talk portuguese lol. souds like the encampment was fun. i miss those things now. make sure mom puts good stuff in my package lol. DONT FORGET MY JUMPDRIVE!. 4GB MIN POR FAVOR! lol. thanks. well were headin back to the house now. i sent mom an email. love ya.

Hi Mom 5/6

geez mom ask a million questions.ok to start. a typical day for me is wake up at 6;30 and workout. sometimes i dont. then either me or my comp shower and yes he is american remember i said he is from utah.then at 7 all the missionaries pray for there investigators. then the other person that didnt take a shower showers. if we eat breakfast we eat something while the other is showering usually. then we get ready for the day until 8 then its personal study till 9 then we have comp study. then till 9:30 i have language study. then we head out. now i live 5 min out of my area so from like 10:30 till 9:30 we proscelite. president asks us to do 15 contacts a day from peeps on the street and try to get addresses. so with me and my comp its 30 contacts. we go to the houses that we have addresses for and try to teach them. at noon we eat lunch. we eat at members houses. thats my day. at night we eat dinner sometimes. and we plan for the next day when we get home. and its bedtime at 10:30. the other missoinaries in our house are american was in the mtc with me. yes i am in a ward. i am in jardim atalia. its big i guess. about the size of our ward i think. i gave my testimony last week lol and introduces myself. i dont know if we have programs lol but if we do i will try to snag one. i sing in portuguese . are you kidding why the heck would i sing in english when everyone is singing in portuguese lol. crazy mom. yes i recognize the hyms. but the lyrics are different. i can kinda tranzlate some when i sing. ok so from the box from home. more starburst and skittles lol and i want you to print recipes for me and put them in there. some basic stuff but easy and fast to make. brazilian or american. i want the seasoning tony´s ya know. umm make sure dad buys me a jumpdrive and puts it in there. and thats all i can think of for now. oh throw a jar of peanut butter in there plz lol. i need it. and just candy and good junk food lol.thanks mom. this week has been pretty much the same. just teaching and preachin. oh i get to call sunday! it will be sweet. i think i get to call you on sunday to tell you when i will call you. but if not it will be around noon. my comp said we will call saterday to confirm. well be ready lol. i love ya guys. elder arroyo