Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In reply to Dad's email

Dude thats way tight man. 1st counsler! an opourtunity to learn a lot more about the gospel too!. but thats tight you and david grover dean nickens. its a good bishopric. praying is crazy. the things you can learn and know from it. pray played a big role for me this week. this week i have changed a lot. ok in my ward here we have a missionary that has been home for about 9 months now but he was assistant to the pres when he served in são paulo and he is amazing he teaches us stuff and techniques that others in our mission dont know! its way good. but on top of that 2 weeks ago another assistant from the same mission returned to our ward and he just got called our ward mission leader. they gave us a bunch of stuff to read and learn man its amazing! they are missionaries excellent! way way way good . so i~m learning so so much. i read a book this week called.. i forgot its like. the conversion to the book of mormon. it was written by a dude that was mission president 3 times. but its a book way way good. you need to read it!. but ok this week was the worst week ever. everyone rejected us. i mean everyone! until sunday we went on splits with the 2 x-assistants and they just blew our minds. but they are just teaching us and were just doing as they say. but they told us to go into the ghetto cuz its the best place to teach. so we went yesterday and we taught 5 lessons in 2 hours. we learned how to teach the restoration in 15 mins like in the house and out in 15 min but so effectivly. this week is going good but last week was the worst week ever. my comp wanted to go home. he has already called pres 2 times to go home and then pres put him with me cuz he said that i was a really excited missionary lol. i think im just always happy joking around but doing the right things at the same time lol. but this week will be great. me and my comp are gonna try to break the records for most lessons in 1 week. cuz here its like 50 at the max, but what the x-assistants taught us you can teach almost 100 in a week and you find the people ready! just wait. but sweet about the calling. i love studying right now. oh ya and i bought an acoustic guitar lol. 25 bucks! it was cheap so i did it but i~m learning how to read music out of the hymn book. but ya mom didnt write me so this is my email for the week lol. thanks for everything. oh ya and today my zone is practicing for the olympics lol. we have olympics on the mission. i dont think i will participate in the soccer part but basketball i~m all in lol. read your rulebook this week lol. its important to follow the rules, you receive guidance and counsel! but thanks for everything. its great here even though way hard! love ya
Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall and Spring

ok i have 0 time today cuz i am making a dvd of all my pictures and videos lol. so just wait mom! lol and i will look for some postcards lol some people are looking for elect people to teach and not postcards lol. jk but ya you will get tonz of pictures soon. i think i have 900! lol. but just wait. so ya i got the box from grandmama! lol it was amazing! so this week was good but so many people rejected us so its getting hard. oh ya i bought another jump drive! lol from paraguay! let me tell ya the stuff there is cheap. an investigator bought it and i bought it from him lol. 4 gigs. 8 bucks lol. i want to buy a new camera cuz mine makes videos but without sound. i need sounds. so ya sorry i have no time this week. but i will get you tonz of postcards. and can you send me american money. like 10, 1 dollar bills. its cool to trade here! thanks have a great week. and cool chris is refing ! love ya guys! Bye
Elder Arroyo

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Good Afternoon!

OK to start off... Happy Birthday!! the big old 47! lol jk (I have to add that I am NOT going to be 47!) oh so I got sunburnt today! :( i havent been using sunscreen! but starting today i will use!. so lets see.. thanks for the box mom! i´ll be expecting it in a week and a half!. so for holloween no one celebrates i belive they dont do that here. some neighborhoods do but not everyone so like no one does it lol. if ya understand. so i cant wait for the holloween goodies!. we will definitly have a party and pizza lol. wow brice is getting married? to who let me know!. tell him to write me lol. ok so the lan house is closing in 10 min so i will write fast. cool matt got his call. what language will he speak. oh and tell chris to work hard with his calling make the quorum happy lol. so this week me and my comp worked hard and our numbers were pretty high! we have 17 dates for baptism marked for our investigators and the mission president said that like ever 10 dates is one baptism so were ready for this. in this area no one has baptized in 9 months so were ganna change that! but this week was really good. i like my comp he follows the rules but is really chill too!. its good. we played soccer and basketball today thats why i~m so sunburnt but from now on its sunscreen lol. well write me next week lol. i~m here to read it. have a great week. love your son

Thursday, October 8, 2009

its primoveiro (10/07)

Hey Mom!so so ya its primoveiro lol i dont remember if its spring or fall. lol. but its getting hotter but then again it rains and its freezing lol. its crazy here. so sweet that oak grove won the swimming! so i bet chris just skipped school lol he can be exempt i know that kid lol. so ya i loved conference i watched it in english with some other american elders. but we were like fighting to stay awake during some parts lol. the preisthood session for us starts at 9:00 my time. really late. but ya i loved Elder Hollands talk about the book of mormon it was way good. anyone that doesnt have a testimony about the book of mormon definitly got moved!. so ya we get the church magizines the Liahona and the friend or (O Amigo!) lol. so the new area is great the members are way stoked that they have missionaries and we have already found a bunch of new people and me and my comp are teaching tonz. and marking tonz of baptisms too. but this area ther are a lot of people that just dont want anything in there lives. its horrible. but the contacts are good a lot of people said it would be hard to do contacts here but me and my comp just talk with everyone we see and it works out good. we get so many addresses here too talking to people. on the mission site we have records for who gets like the most addresses this week or teaches the most lessons etc. and i think this week me and my comp will be on the top for addresses taken and for first lessons taught! well have to see next week. we are working our butts off here. but i love it here. oh and i am learning how to play soccer. like way good tricks and stuff lol. the brasillians in the house are teaching me. i love that game. so ya its time for me to go but the work is coming great and i love it. thanks for everyting. oh and have you sent my package yet :) lol Love ya guys
Elder Arroyo