Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This will be an interesting last area

Oh ya!!! My last area! Or so i hope. I still have one more transfer after this one so i could get transfered, We will have to see. But i like this area a lot. Its like a dessert to me. We have 2 baptismal dates that are firm for this weekend. This ward is way cool too. The members learned my name quick!. But from what i have heard and seen, there are a lot of young women in our ward and we (missionaries) have to watch out. Last Sunday, a girl looked at me with a big smile and i laughed, turned, and walked away. This will be an interesting last area. But dont worry im fine here. So ya, here in Tatuquara pretty much everyone skateboards!. Every kid thats on the street is skating. We even have a skatepark in our area. Its cool though cuz theres only a couple of people here who are good. I havent skated yet but who knows i might have to start doing some skating contacts... but what stinks is i left my skate shoes in my last area!!!!! i was thinking... i will never skate on the mish again. But its chill.  but thats sweet that Uncle Steve is going through the temple for the first time!. Will i get back in time to see his wedding?!?! i want too!. !!! Hey Stevie! It´s the fun bus!!!.. I´m waiting for that ingraved invitation! ~The Cable Guy~  and thats so tight that chris´s new comp is from Curitiba... i want to know what part!. and i bet he is having a ton of baptizing there. I heard they just throw people in the water up there!!! I bet its way hot too!. i am dying here!!! And when it gets hot here it turns into like Babylon (Babylonia) !! Ya my new comp is ELDER LOPES. he is a brasillian. Hes from Rio Grande Do Sul. oh and mom. i prolly wont send anymore pics :) Lets just wait till i get home. Here is kind of a ghetto and like... lets just say that people die here... often... lol. i dont want my camera to get stolen. oh and i bought you a present..! i dont remember if i told you! Oh and remember if you ever want to put money on my card... dont hesitate!! i need it!! See ya..
Até a Proxíma Semana
Te Amo
Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i have been called Zone Leader!!.

Yep so today i got transfered. I am currently in Tatuquara, which is in Curitiba!. My new companion is Elder Lopes and i have been called Zone Leader!!. So now if you could imagine my mind is just lost and theres just too much for me to think about. But im excited and ready to baptize even more than before!. But this last week was awsome! We almost baptized last Sunday!. We didnt have anyone marked or ready until we went to church. I decided to go to the other sacrament meeting cuz im supposed to keep track of the other ward also and while i was there a lady came up to me and was like.... Elder there is someone here who wants to be baptised! and i was like oh sweet we will mark to teach him. So i get to him and he is in a suit and has a priesthood manual. so i start to talk with him and find out that missionaries were teaching him but he wasnt ready for baptism. So then i was like do you want to be baptised? and he was like yes. so i do like this mini baptismal interview with him and he didnt have any problem and i was like we will have a baptismal meeting today if you want to you can be baptised today. Is that what you want? and he was like.. Yes!. but bishop said he wanted him to hear all the lessons again so Elder Hope will baptize him this sunday!!! What Luck huh? but ya so our week was good!!! Oh and mom i bought you a present. its santa clause chilling in a lawn chair lol. its a statue! you will see it in 3 months!! but ya thats it!

Love you guys

Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Pictures, Email under pictures

Elder Arroyo and Elder Hope at the
Curitiba Temple Today
Elders Tavares, Carlos, Hope and Arroyo

Miracles are real!!!

How should I start of this email!? So many things happened this past week!. So we got to go to the Temple today! It was amazing like always!. Me and Elder Hope took some pictures of course!!. But it was sprinkling so I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted. I love to take pictures. I will defiantly take up Digital Photography for a Hobby!. We also had interviews with President today they were great also. But I might only go to the Curitiba Temple one more time!! Crazy!
So also yesterday was way nuts! It was a hot day but then these dark clouds started coming in and we had just picked up a member to walk with us and teach. Then i was like "Oh brother Flavio i think its going to rain." so we go and get 2 umbrellas and i was like no don't worry i will share with you. so were just walking then all of a sudden its like... rain drop.... rain drop... SHHHHHHHSHHH just a ton of rain. and the wind picked up a ton so the rain was like going sideways. so we get to this huge sign and stand by it then all of a sudden the rain starts getting stronger and the wind !! and were like oh man whats happening. And by this time we are soaked and were just leaning with are hands against the sign because the wind is blowing so hard. Then hail starts to fall!!! A ton of hail!!! and were just like getting pounded!!!! and I'm like looking down and I'm already like standing in a lake of water. Then i was like... "Brother Flavio there is a covering 1 block away. LETS RUN!!!! " Then before he could answer no. i ran!!! aww it was nuts. But for real it was like a hurricane!. I really thought it was a hurricane!!!. it was a cool experience though.
So going on with my great week. The LZ´s called me on Friday night and were like hey we looked in our area book and found some people that have been to church before!. (I´m the Zone leaders District Leader) and there like.. come to interviews someone could be ready!. so i was like OK. So i did the same thing. I looked in the area book and found 10 people that had been progressing well. then when My LZ got in my area i was like OK look i have so and so  and so that you can do interviews with. Go Crazy!!. But i had this one investigator (Maria's mom) that said she had to let some problems calm down a little bit until she could be baptised and she was like, "Here in 3 weeks ill get baptised. " so i was like.. OK that's fine. but then my LZ went there and just did her interview and she was like. Ya the church will help with my problems ok i will be baptised!! So We baptised this past weekend.! She chose me as well. That family just loves me!!!. But me and Elder Hope have baptised 5 together!! and it has been some work here!.
We have transfers here next week!!! I think i will get transferred. In my interview with president today he was like... Uhh well elder arroyo you never know what could happen but.... does elder Hope know the area very well and i was like.. don't worry he will be fine.

Thats tight that Jamie got his call to Tennesse though!!! Its where the Lord wants him to be!! and i cant wait to hang out with Nathan again!"!! The time is getting closer!!! and i cant wait to get my package mom!. i already started buying stuff. Today at the temple i bought : A primary scripture case for justin (in portuguese), A Portuguese Primary Hymm Book, Some Temple special edition liahonas and Christ Posters for my Recent converts!!!

But all is well here! Still working until the end! Untill next week and we will see if i get transfered!!!! Love you guys a ton! Pray for us!!
Love Elder Arroyo

P.S. Me and Elder Hope will buy pízza tonight to reward our work!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

man its getting hot here. I feel bad for chris!!

Thats crazy that ryans already home!. Man I´m so stoked to be home in 3 months!!! The time just passes way quick!!. I still got a lot of things to do before i get home but dont worry the work here is comming along well!. Me and Elder Hope didnt baptise this past weekend. This week we are working for 2 baptisms!!. We will see this weekend!. So man its getting hot here lol. I feel bad for chris!! Ya he probobly is getting way tough out there. It will be sweet to talk in portuguese to him!
Leader Activity
 So destinee got a solo in the choir? Thats way sweet. I´m doing well in the chior. I´m still singing tenor and its just easy. All i have to do is look at the notes and i know what to sing. Thats what you get when you play guitar. I just hear the music in my head and just sing! So we will sing for christmas and it will be amazing. They already booked us 2 shows in this one mall in Curitiba! They are also working on booking a show for the new govenor of Paraná! (My state in Brasíl)! They said we will be on TV and yall will be able to watch us!! Sweet huh!. I will try to make myself visible and not be a fool at the same time lol.
So holloween was good for you guys. Here they dont celebrate halloween. so it was normal for us!. Today we had an activity after choir practice!. but it was an activity for the leaders in my zone. My comp couldnt go! he was bummed. But we went to the Zoo and then ate ice cream after! it was pretty sweet. But ya pretty much everything here is giong well!. Nothing else happend this week. See ya!!
Elders Arroyo, Fillmore and 

Elder Arroyo