Wednesday, March 24, 2010

were Americans! 3/24

OK, So ya its cool if your emails get shorter to me. i understand new son on a mission. but my emails are ganna come the same size. So that's pretty funny you and Sis Snowden are friends on facebook. and wow its so great to have an American comp and what can i say about speaking English when were alone. were Americans! but ya hes got 4 months until he goes home. so this week was pretty sweet. last p-day when we went to work at night we taught a 16 year old girl and her member boyfriend was there and we taught a first lesson and at the end when my comp went to leave the Book of Mormon she was like ya i have this book and were like have you read a part or 2 and shes like ya i have read it all! and shes like i know its true!. we were just like uhh uhh.... with our mouths open. we marked her baptism date for the 3rd! it was amazing. and I'm way excited for general conference it will be great!. oh and i got the package! it was amazing!!! love the stuff!! and the camera is way tight! just you guys only put 3 pics on it?? could have had like 200. but all is well. so ya Chris has been studying Portuguese huh? that's tight. and its cool that he is making friends too. i remember elder Mitchell tried to talk to me before the mission. i was like i did´nt wanna talk to anyone. but its cool. so ya i have heard that Belem is a totally different mission that here in Curitiba! like I'm in an advanced city but Chris will go like out in the boonies. like Brazil...Brazil with monkeys and stuff! lol. so its hard to say what you gave me that he doesn't need or he will need. i heard it never gets cold there so i don't think he will need a jacket but i dunno and i heard that it rains a good bit. like every single day!. bug repellent would probably be good. sunscreen is a definite. i heard that in Belem they have like a more Indian culture. GOOD LUCK CHRIS!! lol. but he´ll do fine. just pack what they say and get him some good socks!. he will drink a ton of water but the water there i heard isn't drinkable. so he needs to DRINK MINERAL WATER!!!! or WORMS!!!! lol. an mp3 player is good with good music but ipod no because they don't have itunes. but stuff i wish i would have brought i dunno I've been in Brazil so long i just got used to living without everything!. but ya so i can get that letter to Elder Dos Santos still.!. but ya so last week went pretty well. elder Snowden plays some guitar too and has an acoustic so we have been playing togetherl. you should get some videos. But that was my week. love ya guys have a great other week. and mothers day is almost here! i can talk to ya guys!!

Love Elder Arroyo

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