Wednesday, March 10, 2010

its all part of the mission!. (3/10)

So ya way cool that chris has his call in and is waiting! im guessing mexico lololololol speaking spanish! but thats just my guess. but thats funny that you threw the chicken in the oven and it got all burnt and dried out and stuff lol. burnt ramen!. but it will be weird i wont see chris for another 2 years! and youll have 2 kids on a mission now but soon soon im already comming home!. My trainer sent me an email so heres a shout out to him if he reads my blog. HUBER MEU PÃE!!!!! FICA COM PAZ CARA! lol. but ya this week went well. but not much happened just taught some peeps but not alot of people are progressing :(. transfers are next week already and its looking like im going. like 12 americans are getting here! Hope to train! that would be amazing!!. we played basketball again today and there was like 6 more kids there. i showed them how to really play. but like everyone was trying to play streetball??? i just do like dad taught me and follow the body lol. no one gets passed lol. brasillians...... lol. but i dont have like nothing to say for this week lol. we had zone conference and it was pretty good. learned some stuff. oh our missionary doctor was there and i got to talk to him about my health. he told me to buy 2 medicines to de-worm me!!! lol. that will be tight lol. so maybe i got worms!. its all part of the mission!. but ya this was my week mom. until next week to learn about chris´s mission call! i love ya guys!

see ya

Elder Arroyo

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