Thursday, July 29, 2010

so check this....

WHOO!!! last week was great me and my comp started to go running with our investigator!!! he has some problems with sleeping at night so i came up with the idea to run with him in the mornings. so we wake up at 6:15 in the morning and run to his house then he runs around like 5 blocks with us then we come back and we go home to get ready for the day. we run every other day. and he says he is sleeping better at night now!!! ya! his baptism date is marked for the 22 of august! the missionaries have been teaching him for a while i have heard! . so ya last sunday me and my comp baptised our investigator/newly member... Sueli, she is wonderful but the water was cold cuz me and my comp almost forgot to fill the baptisamal font :). but it went well.

 the USB on the computer doesnt work so i cant send you guys pics!! i got a new shirt this week from Sueli´s son. hes a skater and has been getting like 2nd and 3rd in some competitions and gave me a shirt!! its tight.

 so ya this next sunday we have another baptism lined up . its a girl named Renata. shes 19 and shes readier than can be!! we did her interview yesterday and she passed and is excited. she chose me to do the baptism so ill send you guys that pic next P-day too!!. 
so check this.... Last night me and my comp are walking to our last appointment that we marked close to our house but like when we were going home there was this car with a bunch of dudes in it that like acted like they were ganna hit me so they like swerved into me right and i jump back and hes like ya watch out pretty boy!! and they all laugh and i just about like pee´d my pants ya know so me and my comp continue and then theres like 3 guys outside of a bar and theyre looking at us with that like " im ganna rob you look" and im like no man! and my comp sensed it too and was like "hey, lets cross the street and im like ya" so we cross the street and start walking fast! then i pass another street and i see that car that tried to hit me and im like oh crap!!! so were walking faster and me and my comp are feeling horrible... like knowing something really bad was ganna happen so im like praying in my head!!. NO NO NO!! please dont let them rob me and we just keep walking keep walking and we get to the corner which has a baptist church on it.. so i start thinking ok im ganna turn around and if there coming im just ganna go into the church. but i turned around and they were like walking back... WHOA! it was pretty scary!! the streets are dark here but im alright.!! but the work here is going really well. and wow my 1 year and 6 month mark is comming up! nuts huh! but ya so that was my week. its going great here. and wow thats crazy that nathans home and did his homecomming talk and all! too bad he doesnt email me anymore :( . but ya. well i got to go cuz im hungry!!! lol. tchau tchau.
Elder Arroyo oh ya and im learning Capuera! its a brazilian fight!! my comp is nuts at it!! 

   Elder Arroyo

*eight minutes later*
USB works!!! heres some pics!

 oh ya and i forgot to tell you guys that sunday night i got bit by some weird insect! i didnt see the bug!  but when i got to my investigators house i looked at my leg and there was 2 fang marks.

 it must have happened on the street. but theres a ton of brown recluses here so you have to take this type of thing seriously!  so my investigator was like  no you got to go to the health clinic down the road so i went there and i waited  and waited then the doctor started to talk to me and said that she had to treat it like if it was a brown recluse so im taking medicine for 5 days. it was nuts!!! but im doing well health is good

   Elder Arroyo

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sweet that you got a new job!! marketing coordinator. way cool. and ya i got my package. ill tell you though at first it was a downer cuz i saw my shoes and was like what is this?!?!?! looking at my new shoes and the last shoes that you guys had given me and i was like whoa what a downgrade lol. then thinking aww wait chris is on his mission and i had saw on the debit card that yall bought eckos for chris. but after putting my shoes on i loved them. they will be just great! and ill be comming home soon so they will last me all the way till home. so being an District leader has been great. getting on peoples back and stuff. and this past monday and tuesday we had leadership meetings that our mission pres said went out worldwide. it was way tight. but ya so me and chris are talking and sounds like hes doing well out there!!! cant wait to hear him on the phone next mothers day!! speaking portuguese!. .  but ya so my comp is way cool. *** I think Jimmy's email got cut off because he didn't sign Elder Arroyo at the end and it stopped mid sentence. ALSO his brother DID NOT get eccos but the same shoes we sent Jimmy and they are great walking/ tracking shoes from***

Elder Cox (companion in the Provo MTC) and Elder Arroyo

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chris Left So I dont get emails??? 7/14

Whoa come on i only got 7 Months left! just a couple more emails! ya so my email will be short cuz i got nothing to respond too. So today is transfers but let me tell you about my week first. last sunday we baptized Maria! she was just a saint. just someone ready for baptism. it was sad though like no one went to her baptism i dunno if it was cuz the world cup game was on or what but at the baptism it was me and my comp and our zone leaders and a member family from the zone leaders ward. but it was a wonderful baptism. she chose me to do the baptism, and my comp sang her a solo (elder skabelund) it was good. so then it was monday and they called us about transfers and me and elder skabelund got transfered and they closed "São Marcos" so me and elder skabelund had to say goodbye to everyone! it was nuts. i took a ton of pictures packed my bags. I got transfered to "Afonsa Pena" its still here in São José Dos Pinhaís. so i didnt go far. my new companion is "Elder Amaron" and guess where hes from????? Belém (Belem where chris is going!) ya what are the odds ya know!!! Hes from the "Castanheira stake", and the "Castanheira ward" in the town "Tapanan" so if chris goes there thats where my comps family lives! way cool huh? So ya me and him are comps and i got called District Leader too! Whoa exciting huh? im ready to do some baptisimal interviews!!! crazy!. but ya so my week was crazy!. oh ya lunch on sunday was out on that one guys farm and wow i took a ton of pictures! like 100 pics. for real. and i got some good ones. i just dont got my camera with me. man an sounds like chris is liking it a lot there!!! i want to send him that binder i just dont know whether to send it to provo or to são paulo? tell him to just keep studying the portuguese and cherish every moment!! but ya so that was my week. 

oh and about britneys email lol. its so funny to hear about someone else starting out there new brazil life. everything she said is so true. but she hasnt said anything about the brazilian pizza yet! nuts. but ya where britneys at is way different than where i am. im like city easy life.. Curitiba is like almost america. just still has the toilet paper problom lol. 

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chris is gone!

Yes you guys didnt forget me! So ya thats nuts that Chris is off to the MTC he better forward his emails to me! so how was it to let him off? were there a lot of people at the airport? it will be great to hear his stories and see how he is with learning portuguese. So you cried when he left. did you cry when i left? 
so here our 4th of july was like a normal day. me and my comp didnt remember until like 6 o clock that night. but so ya we got our new mission president this week! His name is President Cordon. Hes great too. He used to work for Adobe so it will be interesting to talk to him. hes ganna do great here. so ya i havent gotten my package yet but im still waiting. i hope it gets here soon. its been luck that its not raining. my feet would get soaked. 
so about the gang stuff. so far me and my comp our safe. i get kinda scared sometimes at night cuz here it gets really dark at night cuz they dont have a lot of lights and it gets foggy too. let me tell ya its like living in a scary movie but i always loved scary movies. but the Lord is on our side. 
So let me tell you about p-day. we went to a recent converts house. His name is José and he is an artist. so it was his birthday monday and he wanted us to go out to a restaurant with him on p-day so we went to his house and he was like hey do you guys wanna paint something first and i was like YAH! ive always wanted to paint and he has like legit stuff. so he gave me a canvas and my comp a picture frame with wood in it and we went at it. i knew it would take a while so i was like hey can you just order food and he was like ya we will do that. so we just painted all day! it was amazing i love to paint. im not to bad at art either. ill take it up as a hobby. so as for my singing. i still sing all the time.  but ya so that was my week. transfers are next week so well see what will happen. but its nuts that i only got 7 more months left and that nathan will be home soon!. but love you guys stay strong
Elder Arroyo