Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Return!! 2/10/2011

It has been way over due to make the 'last' post for Elder J. Arroyo's mission.
The drive up to Jackson was early and it was freezing especially for south Mississippi. Yes, SNOW was falling!
We waited for Jimmy's plane to arrive for what seemed forever and some one said he had just gotten off the plane that was at least a half hour early. I looked down through the window and shook my head and said that it couldn't be him. It didn't even look like him. But there was a ukulele poking out from his brown plaid backpack and then I knew it had to be him. Finally, Jimmy is HOME! I have to admit that I did cry. After all, it was TWO YEARS!!!

Yes, I got the first hug!

Return Missionaries and Best Friends!!
Greg, Jimmy, Nathan and Ryan
Not even in the door yet.....