Friday, February 4, 2011

mom dont worry you will get the first hug

Whoo!!! I made it huh? well not yet lol. i got one more week! But im way excited to come home and let me tell ya. I have some stories.... lol. one that happened this week and i have been taking tonz of pictures!. But the time is just flying by so quick!. Me and my comp are hoping to baptize 6 people this weekend. 3 are confirmed and 1 is pretty much confirmed also and the other 2 we are working hard! It will be great!. So ya i dont have much to say cuz... im coming home. but i hope yall have a great week and i hope you guys are waiting for me at the airport. and mom dont worry you will get the first hug. and mom i have been going on shopping sprees. Stuff from brazil!!! I just got to buy nathans present now!. But it will be good!. 
I cant wait to see you guys!!! Whos ganna be at the airport? Well hope yall have a great week. Until Thursday!!! Tchau!
   Elder Arroyo