Wednesday, March 3, 2010

hey are you from the south part of brazil?

Yes!!! im so ready for my package!. ill be waiting now!. ok so about my stomach i waited so long to go to the doctor that after i went and did my exams i think i got better. but i havent done the sonogram yet. that will be next thursday!. well see if i have a baby!!!. boy or girl.... ill let you guys guess!! jk lol. ok but ya im feeling better. for lunch one sister made tacos and i just went nuts. i ate like 10 - 12 tacos!!. oh and i made cookies yesterday and they were legit!! and it was from scratch.. ya im amazing but anyway my heath is getting better.

we have started waking up at 6:00 in the morning to run! me and my comp and one of the secretaries. its great to start the day off by running and wow the weather changed like way fast. one day it just got cold!. i love the cold. but ya so we run in the morning for like 40 min some times we play a little basketball after. we played basketball today. me and my comp whos like as tall as chris but black, and an american here from boston. they play good too. so it was way intense! but i still got it. but wow my legs are so white lol compared to my arms. ok but after rambling on for so long.... my health is good now or alot better and my missionary work is good. though last week was horrible i didnt talk with anyone on the street i just got lazy after that one day of doing nothing but this week we have started off good!

But im way excited for the package i will be waiting for it now. oh and mom when you send the girlscout cookies it would be way cool if you sent me an album of pictures like of the family and stuff. and like the front of the house and stuff ya know!. and i will give sister christinas stuff to here!. so ya right now its 3:37 my time. ya cuz the time moved again. all i know is no one told us until the last day and we ended up turning the clock the other way lol. so we got to church 2 hours early!!! and woke up way way early!. Life is great!

So Chris is getting better at piano huh? thats way tight. band when we get back?! ya. i can read music a lot faster now! Ive learned so much more about music now that im in the choir. i understand everything in the hymnbooks now. and whats way cool to practice my tenor parts i just get my acoustic here and i can look at the music and play it!. i dont even have to convert it to tabs. i can play the bass and the melody part too!. together. with my fingers. but ya i think if i had access to a piano i could play some hymns!. just not like way fast.

But, chris wants to go to Canada. I wanted to go there too. it was Canada or japan! i would love to go to japan!. but brazil is way good. and the language has already been dominated. i can already be catagorized as a brasilian. people are like hey are you from the south part of brazil where theres blonde hair blue eyed brasillians im like ya. born and raised.

oh ya so i heard about the earthquake!!! sounded nuts. i even saw some videos when i was in a restaurant. i saw the news on TV! crazy cuz daniel is there and i was like whoa wonder how he is. but his mom said hes doing good. and i heard theres a tsunami hitting its way over there too. but brazil is way smooth. they got nothing here. but no i couldnt feel the earthquake! its a long ways away from me chile. i believe paraguay is in between. but that was my week. thanks for everything mom! hope you guys have a great week! Seu filho, Amigo, e Irmão,

Elder Arroyo

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