Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just remember the Church is TRUE! :)

WHOOOO!!!!! P-DAY!!!!!!!!

Yes! Another Loving P-Day! So how are you guys! Wasnt Conference so great! My favorite talk was Elder Hollands talk about Lust! Man Elder Holland is good! He doesnt beat around the bush he just goes in and gets down on peeps! The best talks are when people get burned. im trying to learn how to teach based on elder holland. the seriousness yet with love!. well see how that works out. so ya ive been in this zone for like 7 months now but this area only have 4 months. but ya thats funny how you look forward to P-Day on sunday im already looking forward to it on Thursday. but ya about conference i watched it in English!!! Of course thats my Language. imagine watching it in portuguese with some other dude talking in another language and when the prophet is crying or somthing you just here this dude talking without emotion. Ya... I watched it in english with the emotional effect and all!. so ya about the SUDs i didnt do that service project it had to have been in another place in brazil. i used the jersey one time and it stayed in the mission houses! So the members here are doing good. we were getting references but that stopped. but helping them we try to help in every way we can! just no one excepts. my area is kinda rich though. So thats cool that chris will go to the Temple.
Ya so my week went well! i hope yall have a great week too! and its getting cold!!!


Elder Arroyo

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for your conversion story! So very beautiful!