Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello from Brasil! (8/26)

so this week i have worked my butt off lol. my companion was new here and i dont want to slack off at all, so i planned like a maniac. this week we are doing good. we taught 8 lessons since monday. and i talk so much more to our investigators. and like when i knock doors or clap doors i talk to the people and try to get in lol. its tight.. so i can really tell that my Portuguese has improved. like in my mind i know when i mess up and sometimes i just feel it flow and i dont have to worry lol. but we have new investigators and they are keeping commitments and stuff. OH! i baptized for my first time. it was the kid of a member but still it was in Portuguese lol. it was funny when i tried to explain to him to grab my arm plug your nose and bend your knees lol. but it all went smooth. his name was/is Carlos Enrique Periera lol. its not cool to try to remember these names lol. but it was great. so right now we have an investigator named Icaro. he is a skater and i will skate with him today at the church. hes tight. he has a lot of member friends. i really think he is ganna get baptized. cuz like i can relate to him so he understands a lot. like i told him that were here on the earth to have fun, skate and stuff, but there is also certain things we have to do here too while having fun lol. but you can still be cool lol. im an example for ya lol. its sweet here. so its getting hotter here. and my suit is so big lol. i might get it tailored. we have members that are good at that stuff. but just the pants not the jacket!. oh and also an elder left a suit jacket in the house that fits me good i think i will just buy some pants and use that suit. so ok you want to know what i need for a package! first thanks for the 2 that are on the way! i~m excited. and second ok i need nothing at the moment. but things that they dont have here is deodorant (its different here). they have toothpaste so i~m good with that. but like i dont know. i forgot the things we have in the USA. i always want pictures lol. umm oh mechanical pencils. there really expensive here and there not good. oh mom i~m getting alot of recipes for ya. i gave your email to a member in the ward i think yall would get along. her name is claudinea texeira. she said that she will send your recipes and stuff. she likes to make a different desert for me every time we eat at here house lol.. so tell Rachael that i said hi too lol. and if she wants she can email me that would be tight. lol. and Vance lol. that kid is cool. i can still remember him saying "Shut Up! "lol. ok but to fill packages or stuff that i like is l...... Star Burst, jolly ranchers (good to suck on , on the street lol) snickers, SKITTLES!!!, maple extract, PEANUT BUTTER!!!. and just random foods lol. just surprise me!. like granola bars and stuff lol. anything is good in a package and letters from people too!. i love letters lol. ok so i will look behind my passport for some thing important lol. oh and mom i want a recipe to bisquites and gravy! lol i want to eat good for breakfast. but i think this is just it for today lol. dont worry i~m out here working hard. i will be senor companion before you guys know it!. today i am going to skate at the church and play some piano!. but thanks for all the love. remember go to church! lol Love Ya
Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

YAH! (8/19)

Yay! you do love me lol!
How have you guys been? sounds good. so i type the same way that i talk huh. tight. except one thing... I SPEAK PORTUGUESE! lol. so maybe you are wondering why i am so happy! Huh? because today was transfers! and guess what i didnt get transfered but my comp did. it was strange cuz he only was here 1 transfer but i got a new comp and his name is elder Cortez. another brasillian but the funny thing is i was with him in the ctm in são Paulo! me and him are way excited to work hard and i know we will baptize alot of lost sheep!. its going to be great. so thanks for remembering everything that i asked for lol. i do ask for alot of stuff. so i will recive a package in about 2 weeks! i~m stoked. so i am starting to forget slang in english and am starting to speak differnt in english i dont like it. but the portuguese is flowing well. so school has started. and how is everyone in school. so sweet justin is playing soccer. i am learning soccer here. brasillians are way good but i will get good too lol. and destinee is swimming huh wow tight she will lose weight. swimming is a good sport to stay in shape. so shoes ya those i cant wait for those. the shoes i have now are tearing apart cuz they are too big but they are working for now. just send the stuff when you have the money. i mean i miss you guys but i know that for 2 years that this isnt my time lol its the lords time. and i will see you guys in 18 months. it will pass by so fast. so mom guess what i made for lunch today! coxinha! i love them. look it up on the internet. there amazing. and you can make them in the u.s. too i think. i know how to make bread in the oven everything lol. the stuff you learn here is crazy. so i~m still trying to learn to read music fast. when i have the chance i play piano. i learned the first part of "The Luckiest" by Ben Folds. i like piano alot. i might buy a guitar from my zone leader. for 25 bucks! its not too shabby too! oh so grammies friend lives where in são paulo. i was in casa verde. but i have a friend serving in são paulo west. well its almost time to go but dont worry this week i will work hard very hard. hope you guys have a great week too. i love ya guys! your son/brother Elder Arroyo

Saturday, August 15, 2009

HI! (8/12)

Hey mom,
So today i have time to write lol. yesterday was my 6 months on the misson. its gone by so so fast. and its all come to me that i am a missionary and that i~m in brazil and that i~m speaking portuguese. and i can tell that i am speaking alot better now because people understand me and i just feel it flow now without thinking. its amazing. the mission is great now. and its getting greater because we have transfers next week. and i hope i get away from my temporary spouse! lol. people always said oh your companion will prepare you to deal with your spouse but with marriage you have a compation for the person lol. with your comp sometimes you get this dude that eats your food and doesnt clean after himself! but its all good. just 1 more week! lol if i stay with him. it will suck for another month and a half lol. but i will still work hard no worries.
i want to send a small package home with some goodies from here. that would be tight.
oh and i was reading the book of mormon this week and i came upon a scripture and started laughing lol. its in 3rd nephi 14:9-12 lol. read this scripture first....
9 Or what man is there of you, who, if his son ask bread, will give him a stone?
10 Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?
11 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father who is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?
12 Therefore, all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, ado ye even so to them, for this is the law and the prophets.
ok after i read this i thought of dad in the car when we would drive to grampas. were in the back. "Dad we're thirsty!!" and he would say "you guys can suck on a rock. i will pull over if you want one!" lol i started laughing when i thought of this lol. wheres the love lol. but we survived so its all good lol.
so a thing that happened a while ago that i dont know if i told you guys. but i was on a division with a brasillian and we were walking on a kinda dark street and i needed to do alot of contacts that day. and we saw like 3 or 4 dudes more like thugs so i was like ok i will just give them pass along cards and get out of there lol. so as were getting close 2 police cars come racing in and slide it towards us... RRRRHHHHRHRHHH lol. and i~m like aww crap! cuz i got my hand reaching in my jacket for some cards lol. its like i~m pulling out a gun lol. and the police come out all pointing there guns towards us and there like hands on your head. i~m like crap! so me and mycomp put our hands on our heads and then the police say to me and my comp. NO not you guys was hilarious but kinda scary. so we run off. it was cool though but i didnt get the contacts! fail!.lol. oh last week me and my comp were fighting on the road cuz he lies about contacts and so we came apon some peple across the road and he was like are you ganna do it and i was like no. you go ahead so all mad we walk over there and he does the contact. it was at this bus stop there was 3 men 2 of them were like 60 years old lol and the other was like 34. when my comp asked if we could leave them the message the old men were all snappy and said no no. so were like why? and hes like i live far away lol and i replied really snappy and excited oh ya i live far away too i live in the united states lol. and the 34 yeard old started to laugh lol. and he gave us his address lol. it was funny though. but this is the life of a missionary food, gospel, fighting with comp and police! its way good here lol. but this week was good we found alot of new good people and are excited to work with them this week. how have you guys been. has school started yet? hope yall have a good week love ya and stay strong,
Your son,
Elder Arroyo