Thursday, September 30, 2010

Elder Arroyo, Cinthia and Elder Hope
Whoo last week was a good one. me and elder hope baptized a little girl her name is Cinthia!!! Elder Hope did the baptizm as well and he is way excited!!! so ya we will baptise 2 more 15 year old boys this next sunday and i am way excited for Conference!!!! 
Elder Hope and Elder Arroyo at the Zoo
its going to be great. but ya the choir started also and is going really well!! but i dont have too much time this week to talk but next week i will and next week is Transferes!!!! nuts!! Love you guys! have a great week! heres a picture of our baptism and a picture of us at the zoo. where at the bus stop at the zoo!

   Elder Arroyo

Thursday, September 23, 2010

we saw some sweet animals

NO!!! im waiting for my box though!! and man that sucks that Christopher didnt get his visa yet, but parabeins on the baptism!!. me and my comp got one lined up for this saturday and its for sure. and there is another kid we are working with who is so ready!!. So wow there are so many peeps going out on there missions!! its nuts. so you havent been in my room huh!?!? is it a mess? is my stuff still there?? thats funny that you say everyone asks when i am coming home lol. if they really cared... they would write me lol. but its cool. (hope i dont offend anyone :) ).  
that would be a sweet sticker.. the "Got Missionary?" 
 my week has been good. me and my comp just teaching... oh and we had stake conference last week and Elder Santana spoke. hes from the quorum of the 70. it was great. and i saw all the peeps from my last branch there. (its the same stake) and my recent convert Sandra was there. she is doing well. So ya then today we had choir practice.. which i almost tried out for a Solo but then i got scared and backed down. what a loser i know.... but dont worry if there is another solo im in!. and i will sing in the little group after the try-out also!. then after choir practice me and my comp and another set of missionares went to the Zoo!!! and it was way cool. we saw some sweet animals. exotic animals also.. dont worry i took 150 pictures! i will send you some next week. i have taken.. i think.. 2000 pictures so far. it doesnt seem like a lot to me so i am trying to take more. and i got tonz of videos too. but ya that was pretty much my week.!!! hope yall have a great week also!. 
Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

you never know whos watching!!!

so ya this weak was good me and my comp talked to a lot of people on the street! My comp is a beast now doing contacts. and i just kinda turn away when he starts to talk so i make him do the contact alone in portuguese. it seems harsh but he does very well alone and the people just love it!!. So ya we had an investigator at church and he is amazing. hes reading the book of mormon and loves it last week we encountered him on the street and he was like "Dude that book you gave me is amazing!! i feel so much peace in that thing!!" and we taught this 16 year old girl.. she is a reference from a member and without a doubt she will get baptized!!! she excepted the date for the 26th and Elder Hope will definitly do the baptism! so our week is going good me and Elder Hope are really excited!! So i had just started learning spanish i dont know if i told you guys!! i was so excited! i had bought a dictionary (Portuguese to spanish) and everything. but then i asked the mission president and he said no that i should focus on portuguese and learn it as well as i can.. I was sad and am still. but hes the man so i will study portuguese to master it even more. basically i just have to study big words. but ya so my week was great. oh ya and the choir started again!!! its to get ready for christmas and im singing tenor again. they had try-outs and i made the cut!! its tight and im ganna sing in the little group or so i hope. we have try-outs for that next week!! but ya i love singing.. but ya so thats whats up here!! thanks for everything and just remember to stay firm in the church and to obey all the comandments you never know whats in our front. We are a big influence on a lot of people.. once we stray from the path other people follow!. My greenie does everything i do... i mean everything! if i have a long sleeve he does too if i fold my arms one way he does the same so i have to do everything exacly right!! you never know whos watching!!! but i love you guys! have a great week!!

Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A holiday!!! independence day is a holiday for everyone except missionaries. but we went and had a zone activity and played soccor! man let me tell ya im the worst at soccor. and we play in a fenced in court so its like close up stuff!!. but ya so you have the flu? that stinks. i got some kind of bug the other day. it was monday and me and my comp ate at the house then when we went to leave like i had walked for 4 min and then i got all dizzy. and i was like "whoa dude im about to faint " and my comps like "NO NO YOU CANT FAINT"  and we were like 2 houses from our appointment so we just went there. and we left a little message and then we went home. i called Sister Cordon and she was like you prolly got a bug. but ya i was like weak for 2 days, dizzy and all. but im good now!. when i get home after emailing here i think i will eat then sleep till 6:00. but ya other than that we had a good weak!. So wow thats tight that chris got transfered to San Jose, California! i still hope he gets his visa here soon though!. i just started learning spanish. i asked my zone leader to get me El Libro de Mórmon! im excited. so ya we will see if i speak fluent spanish by the time i get back!. So hows the house. is it quiet? i bet with no one there!.. but ya mom so what exacly do you want from brazil again?? but ya that was my week! Love you guys!

Elder Arroyo

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This week was great me and my comp just worked and worked a ton. He is learning portuguese pretty quick. whats good is he isnt afraid to do his contacts!! but he still looks to me desperatly when he doesnt understand someone. but that will be for a couple of weeks still. but he is doing great!. ya we are looking for someone to baptise.... man we are working and working and working but its like little outcome is coming out!!. ive never prayed so much in my life. but i know we will be blessed here soon!. so have you guys sent my package? i havent sent dads tie tack yet. but ya the mission is going great. how is chris doing? that stinks he hasnt gotten his visa yet!. oh ya we had a zone conference yesterday and we had an area authority. Elder Mazargadi or something. it was pretty cool!. but ya that was my week. how is home?
so i got 2 min. you emailed me late. great justin has a game!! wish i could see him play and ya i might try to send you guys seeds in the mail with like no return address. and ya that instrument cory albert was talking about is called like a bin e bala. i might buy one. but ya im roughing my new comp up. teaching him the good stuff. but my times almost up. have a great week. 
   Elder Arroyo