Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My weekly email! 3/17

So wow chris will go to brazil!!!! thats crazy! but like when i read that i was like freaking out like whatt!!!! so when we get home we can speak portuguese together and stuff. but in belem they speak with a totally different accent. will be funny talking behind the back of a ton of people! but man its so hot there hes ganna die. so ya i complain about it being hot here but i cant even imagine living there. but his mission is ganna be way tight. so i heard in belem that like 2 or 3 o clock it will just rain for like one hour. way funny. there was a guy in my group who went to belem. so remember this name chris. his name is ELDER POND and his sister is in my mission. i was in the CTM with them 2 it was cool. but wow june 23 good luck to ya man. and learn the portuguese.
So what happened this week. we are teaching some tight people. references from members! and there families too! and we are teaching this one dude and he is going great too. there will be some baptisms soon! oh ya so tranfers were today and i stayed but my comp left!. my new companion is...... Elder Snowden! hes from St. George hes got like 1 year and 8 months on the mission! hes way cool too. and its been forever since i had an american comp! way crazy! but we are ganna baptize a ton this transfer i just know it!. but im still waiting for my camera and i jsut hope that no brasillian janked it in the mail!. but i dont have much time for this email theres some other importants stuff to do! love ya guys and have a great week!!!!! oh and where did Reo go???

Belem(Belang you would say), Brazil

Love ya guys

Elder Arroyo

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