Saturday, February 27, 2010

so let me tell you about my sickness (2/24)

thanks for making me wait just a little more for my package. ive been dying to get this package. we had choir practice again today and i am dominating in the tenor part. its way easy now, i just like almost pass out everytime we sing. but they said the tenors are singing the best and the loudest ya!!. who would have thought. little choir boy! thats cool that chris got his wisdom teeth out!. i remember that. so he got put to sleep huh? way cool.
so let me tell you about my sickness. i went to the doctor last thursday and she like felt my stomach and stuff and we talked and he sent me to do 3 tests. first i had to get my blood tested and i had to use the bathroom in a cup 3 times. in 3 different days. but......... it wasnt to pee in a cup!!! it was to do number 2 lolololololololololol.... but that was a great experience on the mission. then monday i did an endoscopia... i dont know how to say it in english. i think its like endoscope.. its like when they put a camera in your stomach and take pictures!!. but ya so they put me to sleep too! and i woke up after the endoscope and i was all drugged. my companion took a video of me!. he took pictures too mom. i know you will love that. but then the rest of the day monday i had to stay at home cuz of the drugs. but that was a good rest!!!. and i wrote some letters in that time!.  Kristens got a letter comming and i sent a letter to Hunter! . but no one else writes me. so if anyone else wants letters you gots to write.. but ya i got one more test. its called in portuguese a echografia or like you know when your pregnant and you wanna see your baby. they pass gel on your stomach then pass like a camera on your stomach. ya ill do that too!! so im just full of exams this week. but i just hope they can find out whats wrong with me!! but ya. and if justin wants to skate he can use the almost broken skateboard thats like orange and yellon on the bottom. and when i get back i can teach him some stuff to go pro. and about my computer stuff. if you guys would like yall can take a picture of everything and put it up on ebay. maybe that would get some cash. or just..... i dunno. sell it the best way to make dough!. and dont be afraid to send some of that money my way. but ya that was my week. lots and lots of work. and the days are going by faster. thanks for everything! love ya guys

Elder Arroyo

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