Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Got Transfered! (9/30)

Yes! So its my first transfer on the mission. i moved from "Jardim Italia" to "Campo Bel". there not that far apart. but whats way cool is that me and my new comp "Elder Coelho" (a brasillian) were opening this area!. cuz it got closed a while back. everyone says its way hard to open an area but this was like my dream lol. like 2 or 3 months ago i had an interview with the mission pres and he was like do you have any questions and i was like. how can i be a missionary that could open an area and he was like do you have faith and i was like ya! so he gave it to me. So here i live with 4 elders again! its way tight though. and there is some cheap food here! good for the money right? but its sucks to leave my other area, prepared some investigators and there almost ready to get baptized! but i know that me and my comp here will work hard. but we have 0 references, we know 0 members, we dont know the area, nothing! but i~m way excited. just knock a lot of doors lol and contact a lot of people. so lets see what happened with past week. well elder santos finished his mission he lived with me in my last house. and i said all my goodbyes to the members and other people. it was good. so i~m on my 3rd brasillian companion but this one looks tight. and hes way chill so we will get along. but he is excited to work too. already getting things ready and stuff. but if you havent sent my package yet remember i need socks and the mp3 player you dont have to put music on it i can do that here. and skittles, and reeces peanutbutter cups! and if you can send me ear muffs that would be great. just really cheap ones not expensive. as cheap as you can buy!! not joking lol. but i cant think of anything else and oh i got your letters they were great. i will write everyone back that sent some. and wow your friend is ganna send me another package! Amazing i~m so excited!. it was full of stuff and boosted my work! lol. tell her thank you, thank you, thank you! so how are you guys at home. is it getting cold yet? its cold today but then like another day its way hot! its crazy and it will just randomly rain! you cant tell what the weather will do!. but i think this is all that i have to write. have a good week and then tell me all about it. love ya guys, stay strong,
Elder Arroyo

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