Wednesday, September 16, 2009

nope! (9/16)

ok so thats tight that destinee got 2nd she must be a fish! hahahah i bet chris is laughin his head off lol. so there is a brasillian in front oif me and i~m like the 7 person from the back i was walking on the edge the right side. try and find me lol. and we had jerseys on that said mormon helping hands but in portuguese. so yes i would love an mp3 player and i can put music on it out here. but like efy music or like the best 2 years or home teachers or singles ward that stuff is good lol. and ya i got the packages. new shoes are freaken amazing lol and the backpack is better too lol. i~m just waiting to get jumped cuz someone wants it lol. i was dissapointed cuz i had 0 candy! but all is well lol. yall can repent! lol. jk so what happened this week. so last pday when we started to work in my area there was no power! so like on the main street theres only emergancy power. so i had to do my contacts in the dark and people think i~m ganna mug them and stuff. it sucked. but ok me and my comp were walking this back street and it was pitch black lol. i couldnt see nothing. so were walking and i see this figure really black. and i thought it was a chicken cuz theres like chickens just walking around sometimes. so i~m walking closer and then when its like 1 foot away i relize its a dog! lol. so i like freak out. i dunno why but i did. so alot of fear leaves my body and i guess like the dog got excited so when i passed him he lunges out and bites me! lol i yelled really loud lol. i yelled "Rapaz!"lol it means like a boy with the age of like 12 to 20 lol. but its also like dude! lol. but luckly he bit my pants and i just felt his teeth like press against my leg. but it was freaky lol. i jump up and ran like 10 feet lol. i hate dogs!. but last week was good lol. well not really it rained and me and my comp only taught 14 lessons all week. but this week will be better. so you guys are good back in the states huh. i hope so. oh mom i want recipes of "cheesy chicken!" and "chicken sphaghetti". oh and the recipes that you sent me i dunno if i can use them. ok here we dont have shortinging lol. and canned food is hard to find too lol. but i will try some out lol. so i want to send you guys a package. like really small lol. but i might this week it just depends. oh mom you need to make some brasillian food for the house one day. look up coxinha and make it its amazing!. but other than this i dont remember what happened this week lol. just alot of rain and work and sun and food and stuff lol. but i hope you guys have a great week. lol dont forget to go to church! dont forget me too
Elder Arroyo

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