Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i~m wet :( (9/9)

ok so right now i~m way wet! i hate the water. so let me tell you about this week. we worked lol. and ya there was a holiday it was monday and all the missionarys who are serving in the city of curitiba we got to march the street with the mormon helping hand jerseys! i think we were on tv. there were other orginazations marching too. but it was so tight we were walking and then we started singing called to serve lol. in portuguese of course. it was tight. cuz like in portuguese its talking about how were always ready and stuff. ya someone took a picture of me and 2 other elders and asked if he could put it on the "sud" site so i~m on the sud site. i think its a church site. but it was way cool. ok so today we had so much fun i laughed more than i ever have on the mission today. me and my comp and the other 2 elders in our house and our zone leaders went out to eat mexican today. it was amazing.. a buffet and they just keep bringing the food out and you just make burritos lol. but we just kept joking about things that happened on the mission and like mexican jokes and stuff lol. and then after we walked to jardim botônico (botonical garden) it was way cool. but it was raining so so so so hard. but we took pictures there and stuff. you should look it up on the internet. but wow i~m so wet. it was cool. so thats tight that the church started some sports and that justin plays soccor. i~m learning out here lol. brazillians are way good. and sweet that destinee swims. she just needs to practice!. so chris is too cool to do stuff huh lol. he will miss water stuff once he gets on the mish. i hated water but i would love to swim now lol. so why is there a fast of technology. its a need not a want!. and good that the kids are getting good grades. besides chris lol . so no i havent gotten my packages yet. but i~m pretty sure there here just the zone leaders havent gone to get our stuf yet. i want my stuff!. but all is good here just a lot of rain. so how are you guys. doing good. i almost have 7 months on the mission. almost!. well until next week. love you.. your son

Elder Arroyo (or elder arroz lol. it means rice. kids call me elder rice lol)

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