Wednesday, September 23, 2009

re:Transfers? (9/23)

transfers are next wednesday and i will get transfered i think. 6th months here. so i have no time i wont write much. we had a zone activity today we played paintball and of course i dominated lol!. theres a flag in the middle and i ran there grabbed it and ran to the other teams wall and won too! i~m so amazing lol. they call me without fear! sem vergonhá! lol. but umm rechargable batteries would be good with a recharger. but i would like socks too. but like sports socks that are long! that are thick cuz padding is wonderfull. well i got to go take a quick shower and get out on the streets. but my portuguese is good. i can speak easy and i think i~m ganna be senor next transfer! lets pray. i~m so ready! well i love you guys! bye

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