Thursday, October 8, 2009

its primoveiro (10/07)

Hey Mom!so so ya its primoveiro lol i dont remember if its spring or fall. lol. but its getting hotter but then again it rains and its freezing lol. its crazy here. so sweet that oak grove won the swimming! so i bet chris just skipped school lol he can be exempt i know that kid lol. so ya i loved conference i watched it in english with some other american elders. but we were like fighting to stay awake during some parts lol. the preisthood session for us starts at 9:00 my time. really late. but ya i loved Elder Hollands talk about the book of mormon it was way good. anyone that doesnt have a testimony about the book of mormon definitly got moved!. so ya we get the church magizines the Liahona and the friend or (O Amigo!) lol. so the new area is great the members are way stoked that they have missionaries and we have already found a bunch of new people and me and my comp are teaching tonz. and marking tonz of baptisms too. but this area ther are a lot of people that just dont want anything in there lives. its horrible. but the contacts are good a lot of people said it would be hard to do contacts here but me and my comp just talk with everyone we see and it works out good. we get so many addresses here too talking to people. on the mission site we have records for who gets like the most addresses this week or teaches the most lessons etc. and i think this week me and my comp will be on the top for addresses taken and for first lessons taught! well have to see next week. we are working our butts off here. but i love it here. oh and i am learning how to play soccer. like way good tricks and stuff lol. the brasillians in the house are teaching me. i love that game. so ya its time for me to go but the work is coming great and i love it. thanks for everyting. oh and have you sent my package yet :) lol Love ya guys
Elder Arroyo

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