Wednesday, September 2, 2009


am i feeling at home lol. no cuz when i was at home i just chilled lol. when i get home here i got to plan for the next day then eat somthing fast lol and then sleep. i have time for nothing. i cant wait to talk at christmas too it will be tight. so no i didnt take pictures at the baptism cuz it was last minute and i didnt have my camera but members took pictures and will pass them to me no worries. ya the conference that you saw was the whole mission it has never happened before it was cool. so mom of course i am a good example lol. i am always laughing and in a good mood. it good that i make people laugh too it keeps people happy. and i will take pictures with the families here. so ya lol sometimes on the street when there is a members skating i will skate too. but these shoes are already torn up on the inside. but my skate shoes are thrashed lol. they already had holes when i got on the mission. but i sewed them up lol. but when i skate the parts i sewed break again lol. my everyday pants are good just a little baggy lol. but its all good. i weigh like 170 still i think. and i~m still working out. and im getting tanner lol. its so hot here now. i dont like the heat alot. so i have been drinking the tap water here more lol. like at the house of a random person were like hey can we have water and there like sure. but sometimes the same night i feel horrible lol. but only for like 30 min. you gotta do what ya gotta do lol. so ya we eat with members every single day here except p-day. but we always eat rice and beans and genereally some kind of meat. and juice. but pure juice almost . they make it with the fruit lol. so i eat alot of oranges and bananas not too many apples but there are tons here. umm papaya or in ingles its mamao lol. umm i think just this but theres tons of different types of oranges and stuff. oh and passion fruit too its good. so thanks for sending out the letters and ya my scrap book will be cool to see later. so grammama sent me a package sweet! letter here thanks!. it will be a good surprise. so this week we worked hard again. and were almost ready to baptize some. its ganna be good!. but i love you guys. stay strong. i will try to send some pictures!
elder Arroyo

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