Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hello from Brasil! (8/26)

so this week i have worked my butt off lol. my companion was new here and i dont want to slack off at all, so i planned like a maniac. this week we are doing good. we taught 8 lessons since monday. and i talk so much more to our investigators. and like when i knock doors or clap doors i talk to the people and try to get in lol. its tight.. so i can really tell that my Portuguese has improved. like in my mind i know when i mess up and sometimes i just feel it flow and i dont have to worry lol. but we have new investigators and they are keeping commitments and stuff. OH! i baptized for my first time. it was the kid of a member but still it was in Portuguese lol. it was funny when i tried to explain to him to grab my arm plug your nose and bend your knees lol. but it all went smooth. his name was/is Carlos Enrique Periera lol. its not cool to try to remember these names lol. but it was great. so right now we have an investigator named Icaro. he is a skater and i will skate with him today at the church. hes tight. he has a lot of member friends. i really think he is ganna get baptized. cuz like i can relate to him so he understands a lot. like i told him that were here on the earth to have fun, skate and stuff, but there is also certain things we have to do here too while having fun lol. but you can still be cool lol. im an example for ya lol. its sweet here. so its getting hotter here. and my suit is so big lol. i might get it tailored. we have members that are good at that stuff. but just the pants not the jacket!. oh and also an elder left a suit jacket in the house that fits me good i think i will just buy some pants and use that suit. so ok you want to know what i need for a package! first thanks for the 2 that are on the way! i~m excited. and second ok i need nothing at the moment. but things that they dont have here is deodorant (its different here). they have toothpaste so i~m good with that. but like i dont know. i forgot the things we have in the USA. i always want pictures lol. umm oh mechanical pencils. there really expensive here and there not good. oh mom i~m getting alot of recipes for ya. i gave your email to a member in the ward i think yall would get along. her name is claudinea texeira. she said that she will send your recipes and stuff. she likes to make a different desert for me every time we eat at here house lol.. so tell Rachael that i said hi too lol. and if she wants she can email me that would be tight. lol. and Vance lol. that kid is cool. i can still remember him saying "Shut Up! "lol. ok but to fill packages or stuff that i like is l...... Star Burst, jolly ranchers (good to suck on , on the street lol) snickers, SKITTLES!!!, maple extract, PEANUT BUTTER!!!. and just random foods lol. just surprise me!. like granola bars and stuff lol. anything is good in a package and letters from people too!. i love letters lol. ok so i will look behind my passport for some thing important lol. oh and mom i want a recipe to bisquites and gravy! lol i want to eat good for breakfast. but i think this is just it for today lol. dont worry i~m out here working hard. i will be senor companion before you guys know it!. today i am going to skate at the church and play some piano!. but thanks for all the love. remember go to church! lol Love Ya
Elder Arroyo

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