Wednesday, November 24, 2010

This will be an interesting last area

Oh ya!!! My last area! Or so i hope. I still have one more transfer after this one so i could get transfered, We will have to see. But i like this area a lot. Its like a dessert to me. We have 2 baptismal dates that are firm for this weekend. This ward is way cool too. The members learned my name quick!. But from what i have heard and seen, there are a lot of young women in our ward and we (missionaries) have to watch out. Last Sunday, a girl looked at me with a big smile and i laughed, turned, and walked away. This will be an interesting last area. But dont worry im fine here. So ya, here in Tatuquara pretty much everyone skateboards!. Every kid thats on the street is skating. We even have a skatepark in our area. Its cool though cuz theres only a couple of people here who are good. I havent skated yet but who knows i might have to start doing some skating contacts... but what stinks is i left my skate shoes in my last area!!!!! i was thinking... i will never skate on the mish again. But its chill.  but thats sweet that Uncle Steve is going through the temple for the first time!. Will i get back in time to see his wedding?!?! i want too!. !!! Hey Stevie! It´s the fun bus!!!.. I´m waiting for that ingraved invitation! ~The Cable Guy~  and thats so tight that chris´s new comp is from Curitiba... i want to know what part!. and i bet he is having a ton of baptizing there. I heard they just throw people in the water up there!!! I bet its way hot too!. i am dying here!!! And when it gets hot here it turns into like Babylon (Babylonia) !! Ya my new comp is ELDER LOPES. he is a brasillian. Hes from Rio Grande Do Sul. oh and mom. i prolly wont send anymore pics :) Lets just wait till i get home. Here is kind of a ghetto and like... lets just say that people die here... often... lol. i dont want my camera to get stolen. oh and i bought you a present..! i dont remember if i told you! Oh and remember if you ever want to put money on my card... dont hesitate!! i need it!! See ya..
Até a Proxíma Semana
Te Amo
Elder Arroyo

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