Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Miracles are real!!!

How should I start of this email!? So many things happened this past week!. So we got to go to the Temple today! It was amazing like always!. Me and Elder Hope took some pictures of course!!. But it was sprinkling so I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted. I love to take pictures. I will defiantly take up Digital Photography for a Hobby!. We also had interviews with President today they were great also. But I might only go to the Curitiba Temple one more time!! Crazy!
So also yesterday was way nuts! It was a hot day but then these dark clouds started coming in and we had just picked up a member to walk with us and teach. Then i was like "Oh brother Flavio i think its going to rain." so we go and get 2 umbrellas and i was like no don't worry i will share with you. so were just walking then all of a sudden its like... rain drop.... rain drop... SHHHHHHHSHHH just a ton of rain. and the wind picked up a ton so the rain was like going sideways. so we get to this huge sign and stand by it then all of a sudden the rain starts getting stronger and the wind !! and were like oh man whats happening. And by this time we are soaked and were just leaning with are hands against the sign because the wind is blowing so hard. Then hail starts to fall!!! A ton of hail!!! and were just like getting pounded!!!! and I'm like looking down and I'm already like standing in a lake of water. Then i was like... "Brother Flavio there is a covering 1 block away. LETS RUN!!!! " Then before he could answer no. i ran!!! aww it was nuts. But for real it was like a hurricane!. I really thought it was a hurricane!!!. it was a cool experience though.
So going on with my great week. The LZ´s called me on Friday night and were like hey we looked in our area book and found some people that have been to church before!. (I´m the Zone leaders District Leader) and there like.. come to interviews someone could be ready!. so i was like OK. So i did the same thing. I looked in the area book and found 10 people that had been progressing well. then when My LZ got in my area i was like OK look i have so and so  and so that you can do interviews with. Go Crazy!!. But i had this one investigator (Maria's mom) that said she had to let some problems calm down a little bit until she could be baptised and she was like, "Here in 3 weeks ill get baptised. " so i was like.. OK that's fine. but then my LZ went there and just did her interview and she was like. Ya the church will help with my problems ok i will be baptised!! So We baptised this past weekend.! She chose me as well. That family just loves me!!!. But me and Elder Hope have baptised 5 together!! and it has been some work here!.
We have transfers here next week!!! I think i will get transferred. In my interview with president today he was like... Uhh well elder arroyo you never know what could happen but.... does elder Hope know the area very well and i was like.. don't worry he will be fine.

Thats tight that Jamie got his call to Tennesse though!!! Its where the Lord wants him to be!! and i cant wait to hang out with Nathan again!"!! The time is getting closer!!! and i cant wait to get my package mom!. i already started buying stuff. Today at the temple i bought : A primary scripture case for justin (in portuguese), A Portuguese Primary Hymm Book, Some Temple special edition liahonas and Christ Posters for my Recent converts!!!

But all is well here! Still working until the end! Untill next week and we will see if i get transfered!!!! Love you guys a ton! Pray for us!!
Love Elder Arroyo

P.S. Me and Elder Hope will buy pízza tonight to reward our work!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love all your posts and some times laugh and some times cry....You are awesome!!!!I am so proud of you and Chris.
I am so sorry I haven't kept up with writing you..Life has not been my own for a very long time.Just know I love you my Jimmy!!!
Prayers to you for a fulfilling three more months!!!