Wednesday, November 3, 2010

man its getting hot here. I feel bad for chris!!

Thats crazy that ryans already home!. Man I´m so stoked to be home in 3 months!!! The time just passes way quick!!. I still got a lot of things to do before i get home but dont worry the work here is comming along well!. Me and Elder Hope didnt baptise this past weekend. This week we are working for 2 baptisms!!. We will see this weekend!. So man its getting hot here lol. I feel bad for chris!! Ya he probobly is getting way tough out there. It will be sweet to talk in portuguese to him!
Leader Activity
 So destinee got a solo in the choir? Thats way sweet. I´m doing well in the chior. I´m still singing tenor and its just easy. All i have to do is look at the notes and i know what to sing. Thats what you get when you play guitar. I just hear the music in my head and just sing! So we will sing for christmas and it will be amazing. They already booked us 2 shows in this one mall in Curitiba! They are also working on booking a show for the new govenor of Paraná! (My state in Brasíl)! They said we will be on TV and yall will be able to watch us!! Sweet huh!. I will try to make myself visible and not be a fool at the same time lol.
So holloween was good for you guys. Here they dont celebrate halloween. so it was normal for us!. Today we had an activity after choir practice!. but it was an activity for the leaders in my zone. My comp couldnt go! he was bummed. But we went to the Zoo and then ate ice cream after! it was pretty sweet. But ya pretty much everything here is giong well!. Nothing else happend this week. See ya!!
Elders Arroyo, Fillmore and 

Elder Arroyo

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Anonymous said...

Interesting that you are starting summer as we start winter...

Yeah,Poor Chris in the rain forest!

I'd love to hear you in the choir!You are a talented Elder who will bring home so many experiences and memories!
Love you,Jimmy!!!