Thursday, December 9, 2010

for my birthday we had a bar-b-que

WOW!!!. How should i start off today.... Last week was nuts!. Let me tell you, me and my companion worked our butts off!!! We taught a lot of lessons and 17 of them were with a member present!. My District leader challenged the disctrict to teach 20 with member, 10 first lessons (The Restoration) mark 8 baptisimal dates and do our 210 contacts 70 addresses!!! Me and my comp got so close. the other missionaries didnt even get half of it!. But we also had a baptism this past sunday!. It was also just amazing. A Golden Family! an inactive member found us on the street a couple of weeks ago and said he had just moved into the neighborhood and wanted to know where the church was. so we told him and he said his wife wasnt a member. so long story short, we taught her and she got baptised.!. She read the book of mormon in 1 week!!!. They already gave us lunch and a present for the baptism!. A box of chocolate!!. Then for my birthday we had a barb-e-que and they gave me a soccer jersey!. It was sweet!. But our week was full! Nuts!. And wow it was so great to read those facebook comments thanks for sending them mom. But man do i miss home! Seeing all my old friends!. But here in 7 weeks ill be back. ive got the biggest farmers tan too!. its nasty!. but today is packed. Me and my comp are ganna go to lunch with the same family (Who got baptised sunday) They are taking us out to a restaurant in Center of Curitiba, Then i got to practice for the choir then our choir will sing in the mall in Curitiba. I will try to get a video!! but i got to go now cuz the bus takes forever! Love you guys and hope yall have  a great week!. Oh and start plannig how yall will talk with me and chris for christmas!!! thats 2 Phone calls and no i dont want to have a conference call together lol Love ya
Elder Arroyo

p.s this family returned to church and the mom got baptised. asked me if yall can send them a stuffed barney. cuz here they are like 200 reais and there i know they are cheap!. They said they would pay for it but i know you guys are nice and can send it! Right? let me know! 

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