Wednesday, November 17, 2010

i have been called Zone Leader!!.

Yep so today i got transfered. I am currently in Tatuquara, which is in Curitiba!. My new companion is Elder Lopes and i have been called Zone Leader!!. So now if you could imagine my mind is just lost and theres just too much for me to think about. But im excited and ready to baptize even more than before!. But this last week was awsome! We almost baptized last Sunday!. We didnt have anyone marked or ready until we went to church. I decided to go to the other sacrament meeting cuz im supposed to keep track of the other ward also and while i was there a lady came up to me and was like.... Elder there is someone here who wants to be baptised! and i was like oh sweet we will mark to teach him. So i get to him and he is in a suit and has a priesthood manual. so i start to talk with him and find out that missionaries were teaching him but he wasnt ready for baptism. So then i was like do you want to be baptised? and he was like yes. so i do like this mini baptismal interview with him and he didnt have any problem and i was like we will have a baptismal meeting today if you want to you can be baptised today. Is that what you want? and he was like.. Yes!. but bishop said he wanted him to hear all the lessons again so Elder Hope will baptize him this sunday!!! What Luck huh? but ya so our week was good!!! Oh and mom i bought you a present. its santa clause chilling in a lawn chair lol. its a statue! you will see it in 3 months!! but ya thats it!

Love you guys

Elder Arroyo

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