Thursday, October 28, 2010

Parabens Elder i have never seen this happen before

You didn't send Chris an email!!! What kind of mom are you?!?!?! jk lol it happens. So that's pretty sweet that you guys had a general authority that came and spoke. Who was it? and is the ward doing a lot of missionary work? and ya we learn here that when we teach a really spiritual lesson that right after the lesson instead of staying around to talk to just leave. leave them with that good feeling and then they will miss it, and want it again. The Lord blessed me and Elder Hope with another baptism this week! His name is Antonio. He has a pre-school that he owns here! He is just an amazing person also. His baptism was great too. We were happy with it as well as our bishop. It was funny generally the baptismal water is cold because the missionaries are slackers and don't give the water time to heat but the opposite happened this past Sunday. i turned it on to heat and the water got hot!! when they opened the baptismal font steam just came out lol and they had to put cold water in. Our bishop was like whoa!! Parabens Elder i have never seen this happen before lol. it was funny!. but ya me and Elder Hope are still working on our goal for 7 baptisms this month. we have 3 we just need 4 more!! We will see this next Sunday!!! Pray for our success! 
Oh and this past week i also got really sick... it was horrible. It started Friday night at about 11:30 i woke up and had to go to the bathroom because my stomach hurt. So hmm... to not like nasty everyone out i will talk slang. basically everything was comming out the "basement" and then i tried to go back to bed but i couldnt because of my stomach. so i like stood in the bathroom just breathing trying to calm my stomach. I had this feeling like "you are ganna throw up" but i was like NO NO NO... you cant throw up. you never threw up on the mission and your almost done. but then like after an hour of waiting i just looked at the toilet and........ uhh... ya know like... it came out the "Attic"!! but it was horrible. then i felt a little better and it was like 1:30 so then i went to sleep for like an hour then went back to the bathroom and basically stayed the diarriah and threw up 1 more time!! Lets just say that my night was long and just terrible! but i baptised and thats what counts! I think its cuz i was eating a lot of junk food lol. but the members say its not the food i eat but also the amount that i consume lololololol. but its all good! 
So mom your ganna send me another package? well one thing i would love is Oreos and peanut butter!!! that would be amazing! but i will think of things for you to put in it this week!!! and i dont think they have a bracelet at the temple but i will look.. if not i think i can get someone to make one!! i will see!! well that was pretty much my week! hope yall have a great week also! Love ya
Elder Arroyo 
P.S. And tell Kathie Olkoski thanks for the letter!!! and i dont need much but american snacks are always good!!!! little debbies!!!! and walmart fruit smiles!!!! 

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