Monday, October 18, 2010

NO DUDE you got CANDY!!!

Whoo! Chris got his visa!! i can finally send him this book i made!! So wow 20 hours on the plane is forever!!!. i bet he was thrashed lol!!. i bet its way hot there also. i feel for him. so it will be great to hear his stories now!! lets see how his portuguese will be also. So your in chicago huh? i bet thats pretty sweet!. I wanna see pictures of the temple there!. oh so i got my package!!! and THANK-YOU!!!! it was amazing. the best part was the SOCKS!!!! lol. man i got so excited i was like...... WHOO SOCKS and my Comps like... NO DUDE you got CANDY!!! lol. Thats the difference between a new missinoary and an old one.
but ya. So my week was good. We didnt have a baptism but this sunday we should. we have 3 peeps that can be baptised but 2 went to the beach and we dont know if they will be back before sunday.. and the other wants to be baptised next sunday but we will see. me and my comp are working our butts off also. The time is just passing  by just to fast. but hmm lets see a story for the week. Oh ya so like 2 weeks ago me and my comp were doing contacts and our investigator stopped to talk to us. (14 yeared old kid) then my companion went to do a contact and i let him do it alone cuz his portuguese is getting better then like 2 min after i feel this tug on my sleeve and my comp was like Elder Help me!! and i turn and this lady has her bible out and is trying to bible bash with my comp and my comp was like. "He speaks portuguese"and she was like... "Do you believe that God has flesh and bones" and i just smile and say "Sure Do!"and then she just starts rambling. then my investigator asked if she was catholic and i was just like no.. shes Jehovah's witness and then basically i watched a little doctrine fly between my investigator and the JW. but then we had marked another day with her and we passed by there last week......... WOW...... it was the lady and her mom and dad. all JW´s and then they just started to roll. Dont worry i didnt bible bash. but i just started to laugh in the middle. cuz my testimony was so strong. they couldnt do anything to me. He said to me at the end... "It looks like you learned nothing here son" and i responded "I´m sorry the spirit didnt testify anything to me" and i left with a smile. my comp after was like.... WHAT HAPPENED IN THERE?! 
 oh ya and today was choir... i tried out for the little group to sing in the front but like i got the shaft and didnt make it.... stunk so bad. so basically my singing career is over... :( but ya so i had a pretty good week. cant wait to hear from chris!! and about christmas. you can send that stuff you wanted to give to members. but what would be great for christmas is money on my card so i can start buying stuff to take home!!! but thats my week! thanks for everything! Love you guys!
Elder Arroyo

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