Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Man me and Elder Hope are just putting people in the water!! We baptised one more this weekend!. Her name is Maria, she is our neighbor and we have been teaching this family for a while now. (Since i got here) Her mother also passed the baptisimal interview but has visitors on sunday at her house and didnt go to church. she will get baptised this sunday if she comes back from the beach. But we are doing some work here!!. So that stinks you didnt get to go to the chicago temple! i wanted to see pictures!. So how was Chicago and all? Did you get me anything? lol jk. So ya chris told me about being in Belem. It has to be nuts, but slowly he will get used to it. I gave him a bunch of advice. He was a homeboy though lol. and you were exacly right with me... except you forgot to say how Courageous i am and handsome... jk lol. but i never really did have homesick problems except for when i was on the plane leaving mississippi. i remember thinking... "Wow this is real!?!!" but now i will be home soon. I am getting so trunky!! the secrataries called me the other day and were like. Elder Arroyo what is the closest airport to your house in the USA and i was like...... Uhh Jackson i think and then i was like.. "Why?" and they were like we are buying your plane ticket and it just blew my mind. im getting close!!! but dont worry im still working hard!. But yes Elder Hope is doing good. He is learning more and more of the language each day. When people talk to him i dont have to speak for him anymore. so he is doing better. and ya me and him have until the 17th of November. That is the next transfer date. I might go to my Last area!!! but ya so that was pretty much my week. it was a good one. and mom wasnt your birthday on the 18th??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! or it could be on november?!" i get so confused! but hope you guys have a great week!!!

Elder Arroyo

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