Thursday, October 7, 2010

I got 4 Months left!!! Isnt that nuts!!!

Whoo!! What a great conference!! and my last General Conference on the mission!!!! And whats better then Conferenece??? Baptising between Conference!! WHOO!!! We baptised a 15 year old kid!!! it was great!!! 
So we had Transfers.... and me and Elder Hope will stay together here in Afonso Pena!. We are excited and have a goal to baptise 7 this month!! we got 1 down 6 more to go!! it will be great!. But man is time not winding down?? I got 4 Months left!!! Isnt that nuts!!! but im still working dont worry. and mom i am asking around for all that stuff you want! this one sister in the ward said she is making you a toilet seat cover for christmas. it has santa on both sides you will see!! but ya it will be good. So that sucks chris hasnt gotten his visa yet! but at least he is working. hope he knows that its 2 years of missionary work and not just 2 years of missionary work in belem. and thats nuts the missionarys that are leaving and comming home! 
Elder Hope and Elder Arroyo with a young man
and his family on his baptismal day.
Soon its me!!! and im ready. so ya my week went well. im still looking out for my package. i know its comming!!! and oh ya so i got to do a couple of baptismal interviews this past weekend and they are amazing to do!!! Its weird cuz in the interviews they tell you everything. and people like open up to me and i dunno. a baptismal interview is the best thing in the world. its way spiritual!. but ya so.. until next week
Elder Arroyo

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