Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This week was great me and my comp just worked and worked a ton. He is learning portuguese pretty quick. whats good is he isnt afraid to do his contacts!! but he still looks to me desperatly when he doesnt understand someone. but that will be for a couple of weeks still. but he is doing great!. ya we are looking for someone to baptise.... man we are working and working and working but its like little outcome is coming out!!. ive never prayed so much in my life. but i know we will be blessed here soon!. so have you guys sent my package? i havent sent dads tie tack yet. but ya the mission is going great. how is chris doing? that stinks he hasnt gotten his visa yet!. oh ya we had a zone conference yesterday and we had an area authority. Elder Mazargadi or something. it was pretty cool!. but ya that was my week. how is home?
so i got 2 min. you emailed me late. great justin has a game!! wish i could see him play and ya i might try to send you guys seeds in the mail with like no return address. and ya that instrument cory albert was talking about is called like a bin e bala. i might buy one. but ya im roughing my new comp up. teaching him the good stuff. but my times almost up. have a great week. 
   Elder Arroyo

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