Wednesday, September 15, 2010

you never know whos watching!!!

so ya this weak was good me and my comp talked to a lot of people on the street! My comp is a beast now doing contacts. and i just kinda turn away when he starts to talk so i make him do the contact alone in portuguese. it seems harsh but he does very well alone and the people just love it!!. So ya we had an investigator at church and he is amazing. hes reading the book of mormon and loves it last week we encountered him on the street and he was like "Dude that book you gave me is amazing!! i feel so much peace in that thing!!" and we taught this 16 year old girl.. she is a reference from a member and without a doubt she will get baptized!!! she excepted the date for the 26th and Elder Hope will definitly do the baptism! so our week is going good me and Elder Hope are really excited!! So i had just started learning spanish i dont know if i told you guys!! i was so excited! i had bought a dictionary (Portuguese to spanish) and everything. but then i asked the mission president and he said no that i should focus on portuguese and learn it as well as i can.. I was sad and am still. but hes the man so i will study portuguese to master it even more. basically i just have to study big words. but ya so my week was great. oh ya and the choir started again!!! its to get ready for christmas and im singing tenor again. they had try-outs and i made the cut!! its tight and im ganna sing in the little group or so i hope. we have try-outs for that next week!! but ya i love singing.. but ya so thats whats up here!! thanks for everything and just remember to stay firm in the church and to obey all the comandments you never know whats in our front. We are a big influence on a lot of people.. once we stray from the path other people follow!. My greenie does everything i do... i mean everything! if i have a long sleeve he does too if i fold my arms one way he does the same so i have to do everything exacly right!! you never know whos watching!!! but i love you guys! have a great week!!

Elder Arroyo

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