Wednesday, August 25, 2010

one lady was telling everyone she was ganna die lol (bus ride with new comp)

1. whoo!! im on!! so we had transfers and Elder Amaron got transfered! He was sad but left happy as well. and guess who my new companion is..... Elder Hope!. fresh out of the CTM. I got called to train and so far im loving it. He is from Rexberg Idaho. but now i bet the time will really fly by. it was so funny though. we had to bus back to my area and it took us 3 hours!!!! it was the longest bus ride ever. the buses were packed and my comp had all his luggage and people were like getting squished lol. one lady was telling everyone she was ganna die lol. but all in all we made it home and an investigator had a dinner planned for us so we went there and my comp understood nothing lol. just had a smile on and listening well. but he did the closing prayer!! ya hes great. we got home and hunted oranges from our trees in the frontyard and made fresh orange juice

2. i bet chris just wants out. but dont worry his language skills will be fine. he just needs to study hard. it is another language. like reading the book of mormon out loud and stufff. but ya he will do just fine. and thats crazy you saw katie rowe. she still writes me. and ya i heard katie thompson went to byu.
im fine out here. im really excited now with my new comp!!

3. ya i just got my comp yesterday!. and i cant wait for that package!!. remember starburst skittles.. laffy taffys are good. i like fruity candy. or snickers.. reeces.. twisslers... i want candy!!!!!

4. just fill it up as much as you can mom!! i dont wanna see any cracks or spaces!!!!. im TRAINING!!! i want candy so bad!!!!. I hope my holloween box will be huge!!!
5. oh justin i miss that kid. and tell him im coming home soon and to practice his soccer. i wanna bring him a brazil jersey home!!!. but my times up! love ya till next week!

Elder Arroyo

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