Thursday, September 23, 2010

we saw some sweet animals

NO!!! im waiting for my box though!! and man that sucks that Christopher didnt get his visa yet, but parabeins on the baptism!!. me and my comp got one lined up for this saturday and its for sure. and there is another kid we are working with who is so ready!!. So wow there are so many peeps going out on there missions!! its nuts. so you havent been in my room huh!?!? is it a mess? is my stuff still there?? thats funny that you say everyone asks when i am coming home lol. if they really cared... they would write me lol. but its cool. (hope i dont offend anyone :) ).  
that would be a sweet sticker.. the "Got Missionary?" 
 my week has been good. me and my comp just teaching... oh and we had stake conference last week and Elder Santana spoke. hes from the quorum of the 70. it was great. and i saw all the peeps from my last branch there. (its the same stake) and my recent convert Sandra was there. she is doing well. So ya then today we had choir practice.. which i almost tried out for a Solo but then i got scared and backed down. what a loser i know.... but dont worry if there is another solo im in!. and i will sing in the little group after the try-out also!. then after choir practice me and my comp and another set of missionares went to the Zoo!!! and it was way cool. we saw some sweet animals. exotic animals also.. dont worry i took 150 pictures! i will send you some next week. i have taken.. i think.. 2000 pictures so far. it doesnt seem like a lot to me so i am trying to take more. and i got tonz of videos too. but ya that was pretty much my week.!!! hope yall have a great week also!. 
Elder Arroyo

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