Wednesday, September 8, 2010


A holiday!!! independence day is a holiday for everyone except missionaries. but we went and had a zone activity and played soccor! man let me tell ya im the worst at soccor. and we play in a fenced in court so its like close up stuff!!. but ya so you have the flu? that stinks. i got some kind of bug the other day. it was monday and me and my comp ate at the house then when we went to leave like i had walked for 4 min and then i got all dizzy. and i was like "whoa dude im about to faint " and my comps like "NO NO YOU CANT FAINT"  and we were like 2 houses from our appointment so we just went there. and we left a little message and then we went home. i called Sister Cordon and she was like you prolly got a bug. but ya i was like weak for 2 days, dizzy and all. but im good now!. when i get home after emailing here i think i will eat then sleep till 6:00. but ya other than that we had a good weak!. So wow thats tight that chris got transfered to San Jose, California! i still hope he gets his visa here soon though!. i just started learning spanish. i asked my zone leader to get me El Libro de Mórmon! im excited. so ya we will see if i speak fluent spanish by the time i get back!. So hows the house. is it quiet? i bet with no one there!.. but ya mom so what exacly do you want from brazil again?? but ya that was my week! Love you guys!

Elder Arroyo

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