Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chris is gone!

Yes you guys didnt forget me! So ya thats nuts that Chris is off to the MTC he better forward his emails to me! so how was it to let him off? were there a lot of people at the airport? it will be great to hear his stories and see how he is with learning portuguese. So you cried when he left. did you cry when i left? 
so here our 4th of july was like a normal day. me and my comp didnt remember until like 6 o clock that night. but so ya we got our new mission president this week! His name is President Cordon. Hes great too. He used to work for Adobe so it will be interesting to talk to him. hes ganna do great here. so ya i havent gotten my package yet but im still waiting. i hope it gets here soon. its been luck that its not raining. my feet would get soaked. 
so about the gang stuff. so far me and my comp our safe. i get kinda scared sometimes at night cuz here it gets really dark at night cuz they dont have a lot of lights and it gets foggy too. let me tell ya its like living in a scary movie but i always loved scary movies. but the Lord is on our side. 
So let me tell you about p-day. we went to a recent converts house. His name is José and he is an artist. so it was his birthday monday and he wanted us to go out to a restaurant with him on p-day so we went to his house and he was like hey do you guys wanna paint something first and i was like YAH! ive always wanted to paint and he has like legit stuff. so he gave me a canvas and my comp a picture frame with wood in it and we went at it. i knew it would take a while so i was like hey can you just order food and he was like ya we will do that. so we just painted all day! it was amazing i love to paint. im not to bad at art either. ill take it up as a hobby. so as for my singing. i still sing all the time.  but ya so that was my week. transfers are next week so well see what will happen. but its nuts that i only got 7 more months left and that nathan will be home soon!. but love you guys stay strong
Elder Arroyo

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