Wednesday, June 30, 2010

prayers would help a lot

Ok sweet so my stuff is still intact... thats a relief. so ya this week was a good one. exept my mission president is leaving already but it will be interesting with a new one. . even american!. Crazy. but ya so check this.. theres like 2 gangs here one on one side of the highway and another on the other and theyre getting all riled up so they started killing peeps.. ... but just killing the gang members but they dont like to let people walk across the highway, people that live in one neighborhood to the other but so far people dont stop us or normal people from walking but everyone here gets scared. but were talking with people and praying for safety but your prayers would help a lot too. dont forget about me. i know chris is about to go to Belem but i still got some time out here and ya so i never got my package. hope it didnt get janked... i just want my new shoes!!  but ya this week was good. and tell chris to send me some cool tabs with lyrics.. songs i would know. i need some relaxing stuff to play here. like jack johnson or like dashboard confessional. that would be sweet. well i got to get out and work now.. thanks for everything mom!! tchauzão!
Elder Arroyo

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