Saturday, July 24, 2010


Sweet that you got a new job!! marketing coordinator. way cool. and ya i got my package. ill tell you though at first it was a downer cuz i saw my shoes and was like what is this?!?!?! looking at my new shoes and the last shoes that you guys had given me and i was like whoa what a downgrade lol. then thinking aww wait chris is on his mission and i had saw on the debit card that yall bought eckos for chris. but after putting my shoes on i loved them. they will be just great! and ill be comming home soon so they will last me all the way till home. so being an District leader has been great. getting on peoples back and stuff. and this past monday and tuesday we had leadership meetings that our mission pres said went out worldwide. it was way tight. but ya so me and chris are talking and sounds like hes doing well out there!!! cant wait to hear him on the phone next mothers day!! speaking portuguese!. .  but ya so my comp is way cool. *** I think Jimmy's email got cut off because he didn't sign Elder Arroyo at the end and it stopped mid sentence. ALSO his brother DID NOT get eccos but the same shoes we sent Jimmy and they are great walking/ tracking shoes from***

Elder Cox (companion in the Provo MTC) and Elder Arroyo

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