Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chris Left So I dont get emails??? 7/14

Whoa come on i only got 7 Months left! just a couple more emails! ya so my email will be short cuz i got nothing to respond too. So today is transfers but let me tell you about my week first. last sunday we baptized Maria! she was just a saint. just someone ready for baptism. it was sad though like no one went to her baptism i dunno if it was cuz the world cup game was on or what but at the baptism it was me and my comp and our zone leaders and a member family from the zone leaders ward. but it was a wonderful baptism. she chose me to do the baptism, and my comp sang her a solo (elder skabelund) it was good. so then it was monday and they called us about transfers and me and elder skabelund got transfered and they closed "São Marcos" so me and elder skabelund had to say goodbye to everyone! it was nuts. i took a ton of pictures packed my bags. I got transfered to "Afonsa Pena" its still here in São José Dos Pinhaís. so i didnt go far. my new companion is "Elder Amaron" and guess where hes from????? Belém (Belem where chris is going!) ya what are the odds ya know!!! Hes from the "Castanheira stake", and the "Castanheira ward" in the town "Tapanan" so if chris goes there thats where my comps family lives! way cool huh? So ya me and him are comps and i got called District Leader too! Whoa exciting huh? im ready to do some baptisimal interviews!!! crazy!. but ya so my week was crazy!. oh ya lunch on sunday was out on that one guys farm and wow i took a ton of pictures! like 100 pics. for real. and i got some good ones. i just dont got my camera with me. man an sounds like chris is liking it a lot there!!! i want to send him that binder i just dont know whether to send it to provo or to são paulo? tell him to just keep studying the portuguese and cherish every moment!! but ya so that was my week. 

oh and about britneys email lol. its so funny to hear about someone else starting out there new brazil life. everything she said is so true. but she hasnt said anything about the brazilian pizza yet! nuts. but ya where britneys at is way different than where i am. im like city easy life.. Curitiba is like almost america. just still has the toilet paper problom lol. 


Miriam said...

so what is the toilet paper problem?

Brigitte said...

The sewage is not the same as here in the states and they can not flush the toilet paper. ewwww