Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ya I Got My Flu Shot!!! IMMUNED!!!!!! (4/14)

This last week was slow and got Colder!!! i love the cold! so ya i wrote a huge email to dad! so your ganna have to get some stuff from him cuz it was huge. but ya thats way cool that chris went to the temple!. i bet it was exciting. ya here ever 3 months i go to the temple! its close to here! when you in an apartment you can see the temple sometimes. not my apartment but some members apartments. thats cool that rachael and nick are good to. Going to Church? and i cant wait to get back and see everyone. got to be growing up. 10 More Months!!! Time flys by so fast. So next week is Transfers well have to see how that goes. i think ill get transfered but i dunno. if i get transferd out of curitiba into the boonies i cant sing in the choir anymore!!! My Dream!! but wherever the Lord Wants!. so this week was pretty normal but one story i sent dad was this...

We went to a zone conference and learned to trust more in the Lord Praying. so they asked us (me and my comp) to each pray about 7 streets in our area. so i came up with 7 and my comp did too. Then together we prayed together and picked 3 streets out of our 14 we had. Then with the 3 streets we went to the Bishop and explained how he has the keys to our area and asked him and his counslers to pray about the 3 streets and give us 1 street that was the elect street to work on. so a couple days later we called him to get it and i guess he didnt take it as seriously as we wanted but he said "Elder we dont have it yet but i think the street Ana Tosin is a good one" so we went with it and we knocked the whole street and nothing! i was down.  i was like what an activity right?. but then thinking another day i said to my comp dude thats knock one of those other streets so we went to the Pinhiero Guimãraes street (which when picking the streets that one came clearly to my head) and we started knocking.... knocking... knocking and its a long road. we knocked for about an 1 and a half. door to door and nothing. i was getting un-excited too. then we came to one house and the lady came to the window and was like wait one sec my husband will talk with yall.. im like great... then he comes to the door with a huge smile and greets us nicely and accepts to hear our lesson. we taught a legit first lesson with pictures, scriptures and everything. they answered our questions right and understood well. there are the perfect family. you can tell the dad is really interested in what were saying. and if he goes than the family goes. and the way he is and talks and stuff just sounds like a bishop! it was wonderfull. but i learned that we need to put everything in the hands of the Lord. We prayed about our streets and did our part. i was certain one of those 14 streets was elect. but the bishopric didnt pray and just handed a street he thought was best. without the lords help we will fail. its like that quote i heard somewhere. "When we think we dont need the lords help he will let us work without him...... and we will fail!"

ya but thats my spiritual story of the week. How is everyone and mom dont be afraid to send me pics once in a while. Until next week!

P.S. What car will i be driving when i get back? Just a question?!?!?!?!
Elder Arroyo

(to Dad)

So chris likes the new shoes! sweet! dont be afraid to send some my way. the soles sound cool too. so other things i need!!! i dont like asking but its hard not to.  i need to buy like 1 more pair of pants. but i can buy that here for like 15 dollars. but another thing i want to buy is a sweater. i have that one that mom got me but like cuz of the sun and stuff its faded and is red. a sweater here is like 20-25 dollars. i have a jacket but a sweater is good cuz sometimes its not way cold but its chilly and in a jacket you sweat and i can use it under my suit to church too. but ya i thought you said i have 48 dollars on my card cuz when i went to the bank it said 48 but when i go to take it out 12 Reais it subtracts that from the 48 dollars so i went back in and it said like 36 and i was like??? so did i have 48 dollars or Reais. but ya so thats way cool that chris got to go to the temple. and thats funny that hes preaching to you guys. The Temple is Great!. ya i was writing in my journel for like 2 months than i stopped.. dunno why time i guess. lazyness too. but i will try to start again!.

but i gots to write mom now. love ya dad have a great week and the stomach is good just i ate top ramen last night and it makes me sick here (weird huh?) but i was dumb and hungry and ate it anyway and my stomach hurts lol. the runs!! but ill be fine! love ya Tchau!

your son
Elder Arroyo

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