Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this aint no game anymore

Oh what another Great week!! So as you guys can see i got transfered! I left Vila Isabel with Elder Snowden and i have been transfered to....... São Marcos, which i believe is in São José Dos Pinhais. Right outside of Curitiba, but wow it looks like the boonies. but im already liking it here. so before Elder Snowden had went to Vila Isabel with me he was here in São Marcos right and while he was here some peeps broke into there house and stole his camera and his guitar case!!! but now im here. but we have been informed to look for a new house! So im on the Look!!! and wow this house is a mess too! like hasnt been cleaned in years!!! and Elder Snowden had told me that there were a ton of spiders here and ive already killed like 30 and i was in the house for 2 hours. and there not just any type of spider there brown recluses!!!!! Ya this aint no game anymore. but dont worry ive been cleaning the house really well and my goal is to find a new house this week!!! but ya so my comp is Elder M. Santos. Another brasilian and hes from Fortaleza, good thing too cuz me and Snowden were talking way to much English!!! but now its only Portuguese!! but elder M Santos has about 10 months on his mission and hes Junior! Whoo! im Senior here!! but ya so São Marcos is a branch... small but the Zone Leaders were telling me that it had like a frequence of 40 members but they got up to 90! so well see what i can do here! and ya he also told me that the members have a bad problom with gossiping and that theres only girls here and they flirt with the missionaires and the member talk!!!. so hes like dont let them be alone with your comp! Nuts right. I never was good with woman. But here will be a great. i have a good feeling about this place. So how was yalls week. cool that you and chris got to go back to the temple. its great to go there.  ya about the car situation. if like possible i would like an XTerra :) but ya know thats just a sugestion :) but well see more down the line!. so ya mom that picture didnt come. i was so excited then got so unexcited!. but ya thats pretty much the news around here. So i was thinking, what chris needs for his mission is really good suitcases!. 2 Good ones! cuz man it sucks when you have 2 crappy suitcases and get transfered!!!!!. talking from experiance. it sucked getting here. i had traded my bags a while ago right.. for 2 suitcases that had wheels but when i got to my last area one of the wheels broke off..  so getting here was a pain. we had to walk like forever to our house after we got off the bus. and i got this huge suitcase in my arms. and people are thinking why not roll it. with one wheel!! so ya thats important!. but im pretty sure that thats my email for this week!!!

Love you guys
Elder Arroyo

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