Wednesday, April 28, 2010


OK, So i dont even know where to start!!! . Ok so i got here right and i told you about those spiders...... well let me tell ya i thought.. ya ill just kill the spiders and done. paradise right....... WOW im killing spiders until today!!! So our house is infested the first night i couldnt sleep. I am so Paranoid!!! i sleep with my head under my sheets. so i was killing little spiders right like the size of my pinky nail and then i go in my room to sleep right and im scouting out to kill the last batch  and i go to shut the door and theres this huge mama one!!! and i scream. literally scream i got the creeps for spiders. and this spider for real was a like the size of a Qaurter (ya know american money) and dont forget these arent no daddy long legs. im talking Brown Recluses!!! but this is just the first of the problems. pretty much everyone in our area looks like a thug and is just waiting to rob me. and our back window is busted from the last time someone broke in the house, today our front door broke. and wouldnt lock i had to take the piece of junk apart and rig it to lock and now we use the back door.... but president gave us authority to rent another house and i got the hook ups with the secretaries on the mish and he looked up some stuff for me and said our house has no contract and we can move whenever. just the hardest part is finding a new house. theres nothing here in this boonies town!!!. but to top it off. when i first got here my comp was slacking off a ton. we would just chill at eternal investigators houses and stuff and then one day we were walking on the street and i just was like "hey dude lets do stuff right... and follow the rules and he was just like...... OK. and did nothing. "last saturday we had a baptism!! WHooo!!!!! 17 kid named Junior and after the baptism were comming back on the bus and theres these girls in our ward and hes just flirting it up and im just getting angry right.... so we get off the bus..... and i went off on him. he was telling me i couldnt run his mission and stuff. so we didnt talk for like 2 days. he wouldnt get up the next morning and everything. so i was pretty stressed!!! then sunday we had our first presentation cuz im in the choir right.. and it was amazing and i left all happy still not talking to my comp.. until i got home to the infested house and my joy went away!! but then on monday we had a zone meeting and the Zone leaders grabbed my comp talked to him then grabbed me and asked about him and stuff. then during the day monday my comp had read the ensign and he just apologized to me and said he wanted to change and from then on weve been great friends. he still does some stuff wrong but listens to me!. so things are getting a lot better here. but wow it was prolly the worst week in my life. i almost asked president to take me out of that area cuz i couldnt sleep, couldnt do my work, was terified that i would get robbed!!! everything. but dont worry i gave my camera to the zone leaders and they have it in there house in their safe. (one of my zone leaders is my old comp Elder Dos Santos!!)but ya and oh ya on Sunday my first day in the Branch my comp made me give the class which we teach sunday school to the girls and boys...? dunno why and then the branch president was like whoa new elder (me) one of the dudes that was ganna give a talk bailed out so you can introduce yourself and give a talk ., and i confirmed junior (kid we baptized) a member. let me tell ya my week was full of tests from the Lord and i didnt think i could survive but i think what got me through was praying. i Prayed so so so much!! and now everything is alright!! today we killed like 6 more huge brown recluses but i still have the creeps at the house but 5 more weeks until next transfer and i hope im out. but were already looking for a new house and i think i found one!!! but ya that was pretty much my week. but ya theres a ton of spiders but im just glad im not going to Belem!!!! Turantula!!!!!!! good luck Chris.!!! oh mom its almost Mothers Day!!!!!! whoo Phone call. we will talk more about it next wednesday and i will call you guys before to confirm and give you the number to call. but yall will need a phone card!!!!! love you guys!!


Elder Arroyo

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