Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ya All is good (1/6)

Hey Mom,

Sorry i didnt write you last week. its a funny story. So ya P-day got moved to friday again cuz of new years right? but they were like no use the internet on wednesday to email your parents. you got 30 min. i was like. ok perfect. but wednesday came around and when we went to the church that morning there was 2 missionaries sitting in there. and the church here is the headquarters of our mission.(where the assistents and secrataries work) so these 2 missionaries are from curitiba but have already sent there papers in and they have an opportunity that while they wait for there call to serve here in our mission. so there sitting there and Elder Galletti the assistants like ok elder arroyo and elder Dos Santos get these 2 new missionaries and go work. so we got to go out with them. so i got so worked up in helping him and teaching my appointments that i totally forgot to use the internet until the next day. then i was like aww well i´ll just wait till next week. so here i am writing away!. but ya new years was great for us too. me and my comp had no one to eat with again so we stayed at home and bought a tub of ice cream. there was tonz of fireworks that we heard... cuz our apartment faces another apartment. but it was good!. but sounds like you guys had a blast!. but ya oh and me and my comp found a family really elect. i like them a lot. but what else happened this week... oh a drunk guy almost stole my pen lol. we were in the ghetto and this drunk dude saw my pen in my shirt pocket and was like hey can i borrow that and i was like uhh... sure.. thinking he would like write something. and he just started to walk away. and my comp was like. dude come back and my comp snatched the pen lol. oh ya so my comp. is elder dos santos. he is taller then chris i think!. hes huge and hes black. so no one messes with us.  hes way nice and a hard worker!. so ya im here in Vila Izabel and its almost in the center of curitiba. there is a lot of apartments and few houses. so its a little harder to work. a lot of closed rich people. but its good. in my area we have Walmart! Mc Donalds! Subway! and many many more things!. its amazing. i went on a division with an american elder and we went to subway for lunch and it was legit subway. amazing!. i miss america. ok so what else did you talk about in your emails??
on the mission your eyes open and you see life and how you can live it to the best. always getting better and raising the bar! but thats my lecture for the day thats get on to bigger and better things. so thats cool that kristen and the katies went to the house but im like wondering what you guys talked about for 3 hours lol. but ya she is lacking writing me as well as a lot of people lol. but its cool. i know how it is!.
oh so mother i have some things that i need and that i want lol. needs come first!

So what i NEED:

1.) Socks would be great cuz almost all my socks have holes in them and the socks here arent good and there expensive. i liked the socks aunt Becca got me. the new balance and there like sport socks. (Black)

2.) I need deodorant! the deodorant here is horrible and if you could send me a couple of sticks (3) remember "old spice sport"

3.)Need/Want!... A new Camera! if you guys havent already baught one i say a new american that got here saterday and i think he had the same camera that i wanted. he said it was like $220 or $230 it has a huge screen on the back and i think its like 10mp. i need a camera. and i will sell my camera that i have to my comp for 50 reais.


when you guys can, send me garments, and fillers in a package. my comp loves twislers and i love easy cheese lol. never forget skittles and startburst. but remember that i dont like chocolate lol. snickers yes but pure chocolate is horrible lol. .

oh and a camel pack would be way cool lol. alot of missionaries have them but i think there expensive. if you can one day just buy the camel back and i can rig it onto my backpack! or buy the whole backpack! whatever is easier!.

thats it. ok bacck to the email. so ya chris is getting ready for his mission thats way cool. he should start thinking about what he wants now! like if he wants cool stuff or not. cuz i didnt think about anything and got in the mtc and looked to see what mom packed lol. but it would be good if he bought cool stuff that he wants. like a backpack comfortable and stuff and shoes. a watch everything. but ya. i think this was my week lol. oh ya i think you wanted sister christinas address its

but thats my week. thanks for everything and have a great week!

Love Elder Arroyo

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