Friday, December 25, 2009

Our First Christmas Phone Call

We sat around Dad's cell phone and called Jimmy. We all got a turn to talk to him and ask questions.

Did you get transferred?
-Yes, My new companion and I are opening a new area. This is the second area that I am opening. I have to carry all my stuff since I don't have wheels on my duffle bag. I have the big duffle bag, my garment bag, backpack and guitar.

Where are you?
-I am in the same stake but a different area.

What are your living conditions?
-Way sweet! We are in a condo that the couples moved out from. There are two couches, two tables, two king size beds. We had to move one bed in the other room so we are together. And we have a washing machine that works! The one in the old house took four days to wash our clothes.

How are your clothes doing?
-I have traded a lot of my clothes. My pants are too big and are turning red from the sun.  My last companion gave me his shirts and his suitcase with wheels but they broke off the first time out.

What do you need?
-I need socks! I want a new camara that takes better pics and video with sound.

He got his birthday package and Christmas package at the same time since they held everything to make sure everyone got a package for Christmas. We heard several words in portugese and he said that he ahs to translate into english in his head when he talks to us.
He sounds great and I am so proud of the choices he has made in his life to serve the Lord.

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