Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Ya so.. this week wont be that long lol cuz i gots nothing to say! but ya i try to write what i can.  thats great that matts getting out there on the mish and that hannah got married. everyones growing up. ill be married before ya know it!.  the new area is great. its like im in america now cuz im like in the city city! in my area we got walmart and mc donalds and subway! its way tight. i just dont have the money to eat there. sometimes subway!. and my comp is great. hes obedient. and you relized that i was speaking great portuguese huh? ya i am amazing in this language. monday we ate lunch at a sisters house and she was talking about her kids learning english and was like i hope they can speak like elder arroyo is speaking portuguese fluently. i was like ya thats right! thats me. i only have a few problems with portuguese. some grammer problems when i speak about a story and i speak in past tense sometimes i will say a word wrong. but it happens. so its cold there? i love the cold. jackets and all. here its way hot! way way hot!. and its been raining a bunch so its like hot then humid hot!. and i heard its been raining bad in other parts of brazil!. oh and its cookie season!. mom i wanta box full of boxes of girlscout cookies!. i want thin mints, tri foils, the peanut butter ones, and the ones that are like carmel and chocolate and coconut!. i miss them!. but ya its almost my 1 year mark!. hurray i made it halfway! but thats all i got for this week. oh and we should be baptising here soon! but tchau têm uma semana maravilhosa! Te amo

Elder Arroyo

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