Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ya (1/27/10)

 i made it im finally senior. its feels good to progress but ya it just means that your the one with all the weight. your the one with the last word. but nothing really. so ya my sickness has gone away! i had it for about 9 days!. ive been feeling better starting monday, but a little bad every once an a while. we went to eat an a members house for lunch and the sisters mom was there and shes not a member. but shes like oh you guys have no one to take care of you and she was like i got something to make you better and im like naw naw im good im just ganna wait it out. and shes makes this tea from some plant and was like drink it now elder! so im like sipping it until its all gone and let me tell ya it was way strong and nasty. but it did the trick. she gave me 2 more of the tea packets and when im sick no doubt ill be drinking them!. but other than that past week was normal. were getting ready to baptise someone saturday!. his name is jonothan and he is 19 years old.! hes excited too!. oh and i got a recipe mom! recipe for coxinha! my favorite brasilian food. i dont know if i have told you but like the whole time we have been in this area we have been visiting a less active that makes like salty foods. i dont know how to say it in english. salgados!. its like hot pockets and pizza rolls that type of food. but its not frozen. she makes the food and gives it to restarants to fry. but we have been going there and she just makes us some and we just eat. so i just sit and watch the ladies there make the food.. a bunch of ladies in the kitchen making food with 2 elders watching. then theyre like just eat. but today we went there for a reason!. i went to learn how to make coxinha! so i got into the dough and mixed it and made my own food. it was way cool. they taught me well. so when i get home ill teach you so you know how its done. but it was way cool today. and yes i took pictures and videos. oh and i have 6 postcards that i need to send you!. so an elder there made a book of justins phrases lol. thats funny. and thats great that chris is doing his senior project! i remember doing mine or faking it. i cant believe i slid through faking the senior project. and the ladies judging me were like whoa you did a great job you could be pro at this stuff lol. but dont worry i have changed im ready to get home and study a ton! ive been taking notes about how i want to live life after the mission. like how im ganna get money for a house and for college and what i need and dont need and stuff. ya dont worry about me im in for the ride after the mish!. oh and uhh. did you send my camera! im way ready for it to get here!. but ya i think thats all that i got for this week!. i never can remember what i want to know too lol. but thanks for everything! love ya guys.

Elder Arroyo

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