Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sweet (1/20/10)

thats way cool that you guys went to the temple! the memphis temple looks a lot like the temple in louisianna. and its cool that chloe got to go for her first time. i love going to the temple. and even cooler you got me an Elvis Pick lol. save it for me until i get home. ya you got to show me off good for the missionary night. have my missionary scrapbook perfect and all!. make some food too. so this past week was alright. i have had stomach achs every day almost. theres got to be something wrong. im ganna call sister araujo and see whats up with me. so im not feeling too good now so this email wont be too long. but me and my comp are going to baptise soon. Its ganna be great. we are working with our ward and theyre great. but this week was normal i think. oh we went to pizza hut today and it was good. but i wasnt feeling so great so i didnt eat much. i lost the contest. only ate 7 peices :( but all is well. but nothing really happened this week. it rained alot... and we had zone conference. it was good too. i learned a lot of good things. we did one activity where theres a stage and a bunch of missionaries on the floor. and one missionary goes up on the stage and has to preach to everyone about like. the word of wisdom or something about joseph smith and i was one of the missionaries that went up there and talked about the word of wisdom. it was fun and really cool. but i think thats all i got for this week. im already running to the bathroom lol. love ya guys. bye

Elder Arroyo

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