Thursday, February 4, 2010


(1)i got the package from the primary! it was great. i love american candy lol. and the letters were good too!. thanks a ton!. . so i will just tell ya what happened for me. last saturday we baptized a 19 year old boy!. it was wonderful. and i got to baptise him an amazing experience. tranfers are today but me and my comp are staying here. we plan on baptising more here. but thats pretty much what happened. have a great week!. Elder Arroyo

(2)its way hot here i got a little sunburned the other day lol i forgot sunscreen! but its way way way hot. but dont worry about me im doing great. ive almost got 1 year! crazy right!

(3)yes i want tons of letters mom! tell people to write me please! its time to go. have a great week!

elder arroyo

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