Wednesday, December 16, 2009


ya so he went home. i~ll start off with.. this week i learned how to have a lot of patience! but im working on love and charity. its hard to love a person thats annoying. but well see what happens this week. so im in 3 now right. with 2 other elders and recently they have been fighting! but one elder doesnt wanna work now and the other just says he wants to work but does nothing. so that leaves me there to cover. but yesterday we taught 10 lessons! the most i have taught in 1 day. but we did splits yesterday and one of our zoneleaders was with us so it helped. but it looks like theres one dude in my area thats ganna get baptised just that he cant make it to church sundays cuz he works. but were working with him cuz he wants to go to church and he will talk to his boss this week! but im just afraid that ill get transferred and not get to baptise him. i think this area will close again! not many missionaries are entering brasil right so we are losing missionaries! we will see on the 21st!. but ya this week was pretty much this. and no i didnt get the package but its here. theyre saving all the packages until christmas. president is crazy. oh and i got that package from sister carr. and the STARBURST AND SKITTLES were amazing!. my favorites! THANKS SISTER CARR!. thats my shout out!. but hows home mom. hows christmas ganna be there? and im so ready to call too!. i will talk more about calling next p-day!. but i have nothing else to talk about. just working hard and getting tanner lol. but have a great week! Tchau tchau, não excece de mim! Eu Te Amo!
Elder Arroyo

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